“I’m a Christ Follower” Video :: Music

Community Christian Church made a series of videos called “I’m a Christ Follower” in 2006 to go along with a sermon series. The videos are a spoof on the “Mac vs. PC” commercials. This one seems fairly relevant to Backseat Writer’s readership.

So, what do you guys think?

0 thoughts on ““I’m a Christ Follower” Video :: Music

  1. interesting how they’re trying to stop being called “christians”, yet their church is called community CHRISTIAN church. so much for abandoning the label. although i agree with the notion that christians have gotten a bad rep since we’ve sort of developed our own, safe culture bubble (in order to avoid living in the big bad corrupted world, which is NOT what jesus tells us to do), i think the idea of trying to not be called christians is taking it a step too far. instead of AVOIDING the christian culture we’ve created for ourselves (in an attempt to be set apart from the world, which unfortunately has disengaged us), we should work within it to fix it… to make it holy and pleasing to god, to bring our reputation back into good standing… and this is going to involve quite a shift in worldview for many people, which is precisely what this video is saying. so, props to the video people for making an effective video… but avoiding christian culture and thereby risking the notion of creating a whole ‘nother movement isn’t what needs to be happening. i like christian music. i’m from nashville, for pete’s sake… and throwing it out because it adds to our christian bubble isn’t the way to fix the problem.

  2. Charlotte, I thought the church name was pretty ironic myself. 🙂

    I’m wondering if they’re just trying to make a point and not downplay the term “Christian” in general.

    What I am getting sick of almost everyone mentioning U2…don’t any of these people listen to Metallica?

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