In the Headlights :: The Christian Manifesto

Have I ever told you about the fine folks at The Christian Manifesto?  No, but I should have.  Ever since Cal (that’s what I call C.E. Moore, founder and head honcho over at TCM), left a comment here on Backseat Writer, we became fast friends and decided that collaboration is the way to go.  As we work together to provide you with the best in art, music, books, and what not, we want you to know that our sites will still independently feature the things you love.

Last week, Cal decided that I should be a big internet star (his words, not mine.  OK, they’re my words) after listening to my interview with Bebo Norman.   After editing it, mixing it, and making it sound very cool, I’m pleased to announce that the interview will be available for your listening pleasure over at The Christian Manifesto and my article about Bebo Norman’s latest project will be available here on Backseat Writer.  It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Plus, Cal and Wayne Beason do a weekly podcast that is pretty darn amusing, so you should definitely check that out while you’re hopping around the site, as well as the great content available for your consumption!

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