CNN’s Big Oopsie and the Power of the Camera

My astute friend Derek caught this graphic and posted it on his blog.  Brilliant!  I know McCain is a maverick who’s not into bipartisan politics, but how did he manage to snag both parties nominations?  This should make the Presidential a cake walk for the guy.  And what’s up with the guy who has the upside down prosperity sign?

If like me you have watched the Democratic National Convention last week and are watching the Republican National Convention this week, you know that there are similarities between both conventions.  Each convention has speakers that makes clever jabs at the opposing party (although I have to hand it to the RNC for some real humdingers!), delivers a star-studded political affair, and has an audience that dresses in odd fashions (read post).  But you know what else they have?  Hilarious audience shots!

As good as Sarah Palin’s speech was–and it was excellent–I couldn’t help but notice the people in the audience (especially since they were, you know, they were on the screen).  One shot showed Palin’s youngest daughter cradling her four month-old baby brother.  Like a good little sister, she licked her fingers to smooth down the baby’s out of place follicles!  Another shot heralded a man who was a fellow P.O.W. with McCain–that man received a well-deserved standing ovation as tears poured down his cheeks. Or how about how Cindy McCain beamed as her husband took the stage?

Despite all these momentous scenes, there are a couple that keep me amused over and over again–people who don’t know they are on camera (which is especially funny if they look bored or are picking their noses) and people who know they are on camera so they make silly faces.  It’s a never-ending parade of humanity right there.  As FNC’s Brit Hume and his round table discussed the merits of Palin’s speech, a group of boys in their late teens cheesed it up for the camera.  Earlier as another anchor spoke, various people were on their cell phones pretending to have important conversations, but we all know they called home to tell their moms they were on T.V.  I love it (probably because I do the same thing!)

We humans are funny creatures and we are in rare form when thrust into the spotlight, even if it’s only for 15 seconds.  I enjoy watching people receive their share of fame–all the way from Sarah Palin to the old guy wearing the enormous Uncle Sam hat.  Sometimes being human makes me laugh because we can all be so silly, even when we’re being serious.

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