Review :: The Nashville EP & The Bird and the Bee Sides by Relient K

By Amy Sondova After perusing the internet for information on Relient K’s latest project, I discovered that Relient K diehards are disappointed. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why! The Nashville EP & The Birds and the Bee Sides is a collection of original tunes, B-sides, remastered songs, and other randomness that “hasn’t been found on the internet yet” according to front man Matt Thiessen. The album is an expanded version of the delightful silly songs hidden at the end of many Relient K albums (think “Skittles & Combos”).

The 26 tracks on the album are described in two parts—the first 13 tracks called the Nashville EP are an assembly of songs written and performed by various members of the band and the second is a remixed/remastered sampling from various EPs including Apathetic, Employee of the Month, and The Creepy. Not only that, there’s a killer acoustic version of “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been”. Thiessen even nods to his favorite band, The Beach Boys, in “A Penny Loafer Saved is a Penny Loafer Earned” with a bridge of “good vibrations.”

This is a great compilation of all that’s made Relient K a fan favorite over the past eight years. However, it’s probably not a great choice for a first-time listener simply because they wouldn’t “get it.” For example, the band’s ode to the now-defunct dearly loved Five Iron Frenzy might go over the heads of newer fans. While the album is lacking mention of Skittles and Combos, The Nashville EP & The Birds and the Bee Sides is more than enough to satisfy the ears of longtime followers of the band.

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0 thoughts on “Review :: The Nashville EP & The Bird and the Bee Sides by Relient K

  1. I think the hard thing with this album is that there is no continuity to it. for older fans i think the bee sides are awesome, while the first half is a bit too matthew thiessen and the earthquakes melancholy for pop punk fans. i think this is strictly for people who just love anything relient k has their hands on, not those looking for the perfect album.

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