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I know that cutting isnt limited to teens, but I made this image for an article on Backseat Writer and thought it would be appropriate.
I know that cutting isn't limited to teens, but I made this image for an article on Backseat Writer and thought it would be appropriate.

I haven’t written about one of the topics close to my heart in a while–cutting and self-injury. Truth be told, it’s not a particularly easy topic for me to cover. There’s always that lion of temptation that haunts me even now, so I do have to be careful how much time I devote to writing about cutting (writing, as opposed to talking, is especially tricky because writing is a solitary activity).

Recently, one of my former professors, Dr. Phil Monroe, asked me to write a post about cutting for his blog, Wise Counsel. Since Dr. Monroe encouraged me in my writing while at seminary, I was honored to provide an informative post, which you can check out here– On the Problem of Cutting :: Secret Under the Sleeve.

When I wrote about cutting a few months ago here on Atypical Musings, I had no idea that the post would have such an extraordinary response. “Cutting//Emo//Hope//God” wasn’t a particularly eloquent post, nor do I feel it was one of my best. However, it’s been read more than even my musings on Hannah Montana, imagine that!

It saddens me to know that there are still so many girls (and guys) out there wrestling with razor blades on their wrists. There are a ton of books and websites dedicated to this topic, but a lot of them seem to address the symptom (the cutting) and not the deeper issue (the reason behind the cutting). However, just dealing with cutting on its own and ending self-injurious behavior is a battle. I’d considering ways I can help share my own story with others, be an encouragement, and perhaps put my writing to good use. Please keep this in prayer if you are so inclined, but also pray for the thousands of teens who will cut themselves today–pray that they make the choice to stop and to get help.

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  1. Amy, thanks so much for doing this work on my blog. I’m grateful for your wisdom and concern for others. May the Lord bless you and continue to heal you in every way.

  2. Today I went on one of my periodical google searches on SI issues and came across your post at Atypical Musings.

    I’m quite glad i did since it led me here and i quickly added this blog to my rss since it in general seems like my cup of tea with the reviews and musings on things in general

    I’m not a big blog commenter but I thought I’d leave one here since it’s rare I come across articles/blogs/w.e. on self harm that amount to more than the basic “What is self harm, who how and whys” articles that are around now.

    I came across your cutting/emo/hope/god post today and I share the same sentiments. As someone who started to s.i. as a young teen with no realization that anyone else did it, and now a young adult, getting my degree and even engaged, its hard to constantly encounter the mindset out there that cutting is some teen phase of emo culture to poke fun at until they grow out of. Its almost even harder to see that some people jump on that bandwagon as cutters and create a cult around it of sorts.

    I just wanted to say, it helps me, to find posts/people like you, that can address it for what it is, for the real thing and real struggle yet really redeemable by God. I can’t imagine it’s always easy having put your struggles/past out there and having that sort of spot light, but just saying thanks for it.

    (ok. comment way longer than anticipated!)

    1. Tiffany, thanks for your comment. I’m so glad that teens (or anyone really) that cut//SI can get help. However, if the issue was as prevalent as it is now when I was a teen, I would totally have been drawn into the “cult of cutting acceptance.” Seriously hurting kids getting together and dealing with their pain in an unhealthy way–yup, that would have been me!

      Thanks for adding BSW to you feed!

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