Happy Birthday, Sarah!

The longer I know my best friend Sarah, the more I realize what an incredible gift her friendship has been to my life. Today’s her birthday, right? And I’ve spent several months scrimping and saving to get her something special because she does the same for me. Despite the meager possessions I am bestowing on her, I can’t get past the fact these are mere trinkets compared to the joy I have found in having a true friend.

To me, Sarah is a friend that is closer than a sister, which is cool because I’m an only child. Whether I’ve got great news to share or a breaking heart of tears, Sarah is there for me, and I for her. We’ve been through some pretty trying times, which instead of tearing us apart, solidified our friendship.

Because today is her birthday, I wanted to do something special for Sarah, like take her out for a great dinner or have Sean Astin call her personally (Sean, if it’s not too late, you can totally call!) or have one of my rock star friends sing to her on her cell phone (though I’m too shy to ask) because that’s the sort of thing I do to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. Last year at the PA Renaissance Faire, Sarah was embarrassed as a cast of merrymakers serenaded her. She turned bright red, of course, because she doesn’t like to be in center stage. All the same, I think she really enjoyed it.

For my birthday, which was on Easter Sunday, Sarah bought me something I’ve wanted for a long time—an

This is when I had short hair..she even liked me then 🙂

iPod! A device which has gotten much usage playing the latest hits in both our cars and on my ears, of course. Though the fanfare was subdued, it was the perfect gift. In fact, Sarah always gets me the perfect gift, the best of which being my little shih tzu, Maddy. It’s not the material things that make our friendship; it’s the fact that the material things don’t matter.

If I’m at the Dollar Store, I might pick up a smiley face balloon for Sarah…I mean, who doesn’t love a balloon? Or if Sarah’s at CVS, she grabs me a box of dried apricots because I like them. It’s a give/give relationship. We have spats, which are resolved quickly because Sarah refuses to fight. When someone refuses to fight, the situation really de-escalates.

I know that one of my greatest gifts is my writing, and while I could never really write a blog post or a book that would sufficiently tell about the wonderful friend that Sarah is been to me, know this—she has been there through it all.

When I was horribly ill at 21, she came to visit me the day I got out of the hospital.

When I needed a friend to watch ALIENS with me for a film class, she stayed after Bible study and helped me accomplish the assignment.

When I thought my life was so shattered I would never find all the pieces, she prayed for me and supported me.

When I couldn’t defend myself, she fought for me.

When I don’t think I can, she tells me that I need to get up and show up.

When I want to give up, she says it’s not an option.

When I doubt God, she points me to His love.

When I need a friend, I look to her.

When she needs me, I look to God for the grace to help her, my best friend.

Seriously, how do you honor someone like this? I don’t know, but I have tried to show you the character of my best friend, Sarah. I pray that all of you may find a friend as noble, loyal, faithful, and true. Not only that, but that you may experience the little things together like stupid comments that are only funny to the two of you, inside jokes, experiences, and adventures. And when you find a friend like that, and she turns 29, let her know how much she means to you, how you would be a lesser person without her, and how you prayed since you were 12 years-old that God would bring you a true friend.

Happy Birthday, Sarah, my bestest best friend!

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