What is going on in Russia?

Fox News  Yeah, real evidence of Russias plan to withdraw
Source: Fox News Yeah, real "evidence" of Russia's plan to withdraw

While the blogosphere is all a’flutter about the happenings over in China, namely the Olympics, there’s something going on a bit west that’s more than a little disturbing. Russia has invaded the neighboring country of Georgia. The unprovoked attack came a couple of weeks ago, and despite a cease-fire agreement, it was announced today that Russian military took 20 uniformed Georgian soldiers hostage. You can see the Georgian soliders blindfolded and held at gunpoint to the left by Russian soldiers. It’s sort of a still shot of the larger picture–Russian is holding the whole country of Georgia at gunpoint, and they have a big enough military to do so (full story).

To add insult to injury, they stole six U.S. miltary humvees that were waiting to be shipping back home after use in an exercise. Does anything thing that the Russians are getting a little too cocky? Russian President Dmitry Medvedev seems to be thumbing his nose at the United Nations, especially targeting the United States with this little incident.

It’s been said on several news sources that Medvedev is trying to rebuild the defunct USSR by invading its democratic neighbors. I don’t know about the motives of madmen, but clearly Medvedev is sending the world, particularly Americans, a message. He’s not getting out of Georgia without a fight. Just when we get rid of one dictator, another one pops up. Hmm…funny how that works.

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