If, Then

Adults play tag, too.  We just do it in a mature and sophisticated fashion.
Adults play tag, too. We just do it in a mature and sophisticated fashion.

I got tagged…again!!! I love being cybertagged. This tag is from my friend, Katie, who started an “If/Then” post to show how all the bad things in our lives are slowly working out to the good of those who love the Lord (even though we don’t see or immediately recognize “the good”). While an exercise like this can get negative fast, I will totally try to keep a positive (and perhaps humorous) spin on things.

If I hadn’t been born, then I wouldn’t exist. (Deep, eh?)

If I had been born 50 years ago, I would in all likelihood be dead. True story.

If I had chosen to keep quiet about my struggles, then I wouldn’t be able to help others through theirs.

If I had gotten a job in journalism right out of undergrad, I wouldn’t have gone to seminary.

If I hadn’t gone to seminary, then I wouldn’t have truly understood grace.

If I hadn’t understood grace, I would be a spiritually dead wanna-be Christian girl.

If I didn’t say hello to her, then we probably never would have become friends.

If I keep worrying about what could happen, then I’ll never be able to enjoy what will happen.

If I marry John Cusack, then I’ll probably become one of his ex-wives.

I’m not going to tag anyone specific, so if you think you’re “it” then you probably are! So answer the “If/Then’s” and post a link!

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