My Cockatiel Made the Front Page of the Local Paper

OK, so it’s the front page of the D section, but it’s a front page, nonetheless. Our local paper had this thing on their website about submitting pet photos, so I thought, why not? I submitted one of Kylie and one of the dogs. Kylie was chosen to be one of the featured pets in today’s paper. Here’s a scan of the paper…

Text reads, “Kylie, my female cinnamon pearl cockatiel, preens her feathers while perched on my finger.” If I had known that sentence was going to be in the paper, I would have written something much more interesting like, “Kylie the Ninja Cockatiel rests before gathering her flock to star in a remake of Birds.” See, that would have been much funnier and much more interesting. Maybe they could issue a reprint or something.

Here’s the original…

I write about my dogs so often I forget to mention Kylie and General Tso (our betta). Kylie isn’t not even aware that she’s in the paper. In fact, the most she knows about it is that it lines the very bottom of her cage. Kylie’s just happy to come out of her cage, hang out on top of my head, poop in my hair, and chirp about who knows what. She doesn’t know or care about being in the paper (although I’m pretty sure she recognized herself when I showed her the clipping!)

It teaches me something about life. Even though we may not always get ALL the attention we want, we often find recognition in the most unlikely places. Sometimes we bide our time waiting for our opportunity to shine and to shine brightly. In the meantime, we can do what we were created to do–praise God with our lives (and chirps!)

0 thoughts on “My Cockatiel Made the Front Page of the Local Paper

  1. How cool! Caleb just found out yesterday that he was in our township mailer. Its a picture of him with a hedgehog (so cute!) advertising the nature center at one of our local parks. He was so proud!

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