Check out our pals at LightVox!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Backseat Writer partners with a site called LightVox. All of our music articles go through the RSS Feed over to LightVox boosting our readership, isn’t that nifty? However, besides the little ad on the side of the site, Backseat Writer hasn’t reciprocated the love…and here at Backseat Writer we are all about the love.

Right now, LightVox is running a “Battle of the Bands (Of Sorts)” in which you can vote for Third Day’s “Call My Name” or Matthew West’s “Something to Say” to find the best use of “la la la” or “na na na” in a song. Now, in my opinion, that’s freakin’ hilarious. So, go on over to vote and you can win a bag of Funions (not really).

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