Back to School (and the 80’s) with Hawk Nelson

Last week I saw JCPenny’s brand-spankin’ new commercial, which is a spoof on the 80’s classic movie, The Breakfast Club. Little did I know that it was Hawk Nelson guys were the one’s rockin’ the cover of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” in the background.

Here’s what Lori @ Overture Media sent over:

“Hawk Nelson goes back to school, but not literally. This energetic, Canadian foursome is currently being featured in the back-to-school promotion for the national retail chain JCPENNY, which kicked off last week with the release of the exclusive “Don’t Forget About Me EP” on iTunes, commercials and website launch.

The promotion features a tribute to the 1985 classic film, Breakfast Club, with remakes of the Simple Minds hit song “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” Hawk Nelson is one of only five bands included in the special EP, and currently their version is the most popular single on the EP according to iTunes. During the release week, more than 700 downloads of Hawk’s version have been purchased on iTunes.

In addition to the exclusive EP, the remakes are featured on the JCPENNY interactive “choose your own adventure” website. Teens listen to Hawk’s music as they pick and choose their clothing selections for the “American Living,” “Decree,” and “White Tag” fashion line models. As they select their school style, they can also purchase Hawk Nelson’s song.

Following an action-packed summer of festivals and the Hawk Nelson Baseball Tour, the band will once again win the hearts of teen girls on the REVOLVE nationwide tour beginning in September. For more information and updates on Hawk Nelson, go to their MySpace or Website.”

But while you’re here, don’t you forget about checking out Backseat Writer’s interview with Hawk Nelson’s front man Jason Dunn!

Like the commercial?  Hate it?  Wonder what Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson are up to these days? Leave a comment.

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