Harry Potter Movie Trailer and Beedle the Bard

It’s been a great week for Harry Potter fans, eh?

First, the trailer for the latest in the HP film series, Half-Blood Prince, was released on the internet. If you want to catch the trailer on the big screen, you can check out the latest Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser (Remember the good ol’ days when he was in movies like Airheads and Encino Man?)

Or you can just watch what I posted below…

I, for one, am disappointed that there aren’t any previews of Fred and George’s joke shop and that we have to see so much of silly Tom Riddle.

Aaaaaaaand it was just announced on July 31 that The Tales of Beedle the Bard will be coming to a bookstore near you on December 4! Just in time for Christmas! Apparently the whole making a few to sell for charity thing wasn’t working out for J.K. Rowling because outraged po’ fans like myself wants to read about Beedle, too. While our copies won’t be as fancy as the originals, at least we’ll have a chance to read wizarding fables just like Hermione in the Deathly Hallows.

Then I heard about this interesting bit of information from the Potterdelphia group (Harry Potter fans in Philadelphia): “The U.S. edition has different cover art than the British and Canadian Editions. For those of you who don’t know about this scandal, when Scholastic first obtained the U.S. rights to Harry Potter they made J.K. agree that they could translate the books from British to American English. In addition they hired their own artist for the U.S. Editions. Clearly nothing has changed. The Canadian edition appears (as with all the other books) to follow the British Edition.” Sneaky as Peeves the Poltergeist at dinner in the Great Hall!

BTW, check out all the cool happenin’s at Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, a blog dedicated to the Weasley twins and undoing these horrible rumors of Fred’s untimely demise.

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