Beauty Divine, Twice Daily

When the sky is clear or even partly cloudy, humans have the opportunity to witness one of nature’s greatest wonders–the rising of the sun in the east and the place of its setting in the west. While I’m not usually awake early enough to catch too many sunrises, each evening I stare in awe at the western sky as colors appear lightly, dramatically darken, and then disappear giving way to the night sky, which dances with stars and planets and the moon. It’s breathtaking beauty that blows my mind almost every day.

Sometimes I think I take too many pictures of sunsets. I take at least one a week, but I can’t help it. When I see something that beautiful, I want to capture it and share it with everyone else. I want to shout, “Look at the beauty the Lord has created in this fallen world. How can you not believe? The very heavens are screaming of His presence.” Still I imagine there are tired fathers driving on home, broken woman waiting at red lights, and kids to enraptured with their Nintendo DS’s to who rarely pay the sky much mind. Occasionally, everyone takes time out of his or her busy life and sucks in a deep breath at the beauty of the evening (or morning) sky. It happens every day in every city, state, country, and continent, whether we see it or not. The sun rises and it sets.

Thunderstorms rolled into area around 5 PM bring down harsh, rolling rains. The storms subsided for a bit and the clouds parts, giving way to a stormy sunset. So I grabbed my camera and took pictures as I smelled the damp summer earth and yelled at Maddy the shih tzu to stop trying to eat dirt out of the flower pots (weird dog). Here’s one of my favorites…

May beauty divine capture your eye. Oh, I stole the phrase “beauty divine” from a Brandon Heath song. I believe also likes sunsets/sunrises since he wrote a song about them on his first album (“Red Sky”) and on his new album (“Sunrise”). Plus, there’s a dramatic sunset on the cover of his CD jacket for What If We. Therefore, I believe it is completely appropriate to use Mr. Heath’s phrase. Besides, we’re old pals; he wouldn’t mind anyhow.

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