So…I’m Twittering…

Remember a couple months ago when I told y’all why I didn’t Twitter? (read post) Well, I got a cheap texting plan on my phone and though to myself, “Self, you should Twitter so people can really know about your Cap’n Crunch eating habits.” I decided that you really need to know this important stuff, so now you can check in with me as I go about my daily routine and share random needless tidbits with you about my day.

All that’s left to say is…

0 thoughts on “So…I’m Twittering…

  1. OMIGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!! I was going to make PSYCH party decorations (for Sarah and me…big whoop!!!!!!!), but I’m going to see Mama Mia! with my mom instead.

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