Amish Guys Are Hot

Here’s the giant Amish man smiling and waving at the Hershey Farm in Lancaster, PA. I’d like to dedicate this picture to Jonathan Dunn…and he knows why.

Last week when I was frolicking about the highways and byways of Lancaster County, when I made a bizarre discovery–I think Amish (or Mennonite–it’s hard to tell at times) are hot. Maybe it’s the suspenders.

Let me pause here to explain the different between men and women looking at the opposite sex, at least from my perspective. I look at a guy and think, “Wow he looks cute/hot/interesting/nice/smart/human/male/breathing/whatever [maybe all of the above]. I wonder why it would be like to have a nice conversation with that gentleman or even go on a date.” From what I understand, males gape at women and think about things that may not be appropriate to discuss here.

I mean, I’m not a terribly conservative girl. I wear tank tops and I’m registered as an Independent. However, a (young) Amish/Mennonite man in suspenders with a wide-brimmed hat working on the farm or driving a horse and buggy is just attractive. I can’t explain this weirdness because nothing in the way the Amish/Mennonite women dress wants me actually change cultures, nor would I expect an Amish/Mennonite guy to change his ways for me. Still, I believe a mutual appreciation and attraction can exist between our two worlds.

Sadly, Amish and Mennonites generally do not appreciate having their pictures taken, so I had no photos to share with y’all. I do, however, have a pictures of the 30 foot Amish Man statue that we came across at the Hershey Farm.

Sarah and me in a cart by the Amish man.

Even giant Amish statues like to high-five!

Sarah’s about ready to rip the pitchfork out of the Amish man’s hands and attack me with it for taking a ton of pictures of her.

His feet were ginormous!

Stay tuned for my next post about farm animals…and yes, there are pictures!

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