Take 5 with Kerri Pomarolli

kp24By Amy Sondova Kerri Pomarolli is a popular speaker, author, and comedienne hailing from Los Angeles, California. Backseat Writer recently reviewed her book, Guys Like Girls Named Jennie (read review), and asked Kerri to Take 5. She agreed and send back her answers in bright fuschia font color. You can visit her online at kerripom.com.

In Guys Like Girls Named Jennie, you are very frank and open about your dating experiences. What did the guys you dated think about that when they read the book?

Well it was different in each case. Joshua Cohen considers himself a hero. Todd from early on and Brandon Duck–they loved it. One guy who I wrote about in college…I met up with him later and finally confessed to him about my book. He’s the one I had the huge crush on who could sing. He told me he loved the book and wanted to buy 100 copies. So all in all, it’s been pleasant. One boyfriend, I think, wanted part of the commission!

As a single woman, I found your book refreshing and real. Seriously, it seems like Christian do get married very early in life. What encouragement do you have for those of us who are still single and struggle?

I was 31! I’m still alive! I have a beautiful child and and it all worked out so I’m not sorry I waited. What if I didn’t and married the wrong guy? You know I still have nightmares about that sometimes and I wake up remembering I have Ron [McGehee]. It’s all good. God had the timing. I just had to keep on truckin’ and waiting until it was “right!” I knew in my gut it was right with Ron and you will, too. You just don’t get to pick the date.

When I finished your book I immediately checked out your website to see what happened next, I was excited to see that you married Ron, the last man you talk about in your book. What has happened in your life since marrying Ron?

I got really fat and had a 10 1/2 pound baby girl named Lucy! Now we’re in “Mommy and Me Pilates” but we don’t go a lot because Mommy can’t get the stroller out of the car. I’m on tour non stop with Ron–go figure. We barely have insurance because we’re comics!

It’s been a roller coaster because marriage is really hard and no one told me that (wait for my next book). But I know it’s God’s plans so I try to eat a lot of chocolate and watch reality TV when I need a break. I’ve written another book How to Ruin Your Dating Life and working on other projects. We’re hoping to see this book “Jennie” turned into a film soon. I’m working with Ron on a TV show on the web called www.ilovekerri.tv. We film at our home. I could go on and on but basically it’s one day at a time and doing what God wants that day.

I was watching some of your “I Love Kerri” videos on YouTube and couldn’t help but think how amusing you are. Then it struck me there are far less female comedians than men. Why do you think this is?

Ya know, you’re right; I am amusing! No, seriously, there aren’t enough women comics. I am not happy about that. We need to be represented. It’s been a male dominated field for too long. But so was rocket science at one point. We just need to step out there and do it. I need co-workers! I’m not sure why more women haven’t tried comedy. It’s cheaper than therapy. But seriously, I think it’s hard for women to be vulnerable in front of strangers. I just like to talk so doing it for a living is perfect for me.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud in a highly unfeminine manner?

Oh my gosh! So many things! I get really mad at Ron and then he makes me laugh so I get hiccups that are really loud. I can’t stop laughing and I’m trying to be mad. My baby makes me laugh every day because she thinks she’s 16. She’s trying to walk so she runs around doing swan dives off the furniture fearlessly all over the house. I laugh at my friend’s project, which is called “The Sweatshop”– the Asian Version of the “The Office.” It’s a sweat shop in Malaysia performed by Dat Phan, Amy Anderson, and some other brilliant comics!

Print copy of Take 5.

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