When Good Bands Go Away

By Clay W. Ginn What happens when a band that you love disappears? They decide to give it all up and move on to something else? It’s not that their music isn’t good anymore, or that they aren’t working well together, they just decide that the time is right to go their separate ways. Such a thing has happened to Delirious?.

On Sunday, I woke up to this email:

Press Release for Delirious? Sunday 6th July 2008

The End of an Era……

We would like to address all our fans, our friends and people around the world who have faithfully supported Delirious?

After 14 albums, thousands of shows in front of millions of people, and many extraordinary memories, we have decided that at the end of 2009 we will take a break from recording and playing as a band.

Our decision was triggered by a request from Martin to be released from the band to pursue new projects including his work with CompassionArt and the desire to be at home more with Anna and his children. We have of course honoured this request and made a decision together that now is the time to end this chapter of our lives.

We will continue to play and be excited about our current tours and bookings but will not be adding many more over the coming 17 months..
We are all so deeply grateful to our incredible fans who have sung the songs and allowed Delirious? the privilege of providing the soundtrack to many lives over the years. From the school hall in Littlehampton to the stadiums of the world we have many stories to tell our children’s children. Delirious also would not be what it is without our amazing wives and families, and our gratitude to them is immense. We will now move forward to the next part of our lives where new challenges unfold and greater stories will be written.

We want to make it absolutely clear that although this decision has been extremely painful and difficult, we are still great friends and our respect for each other is unquestionable. We love playing in this band together and know that even though 2009 will bring an end to this current journey, there will be more adventures together in years to come.

We always used to say that we were ‘taking it wherever it goes’. The music ended up going further and deeper than we could ever have dreamed, yet we are now at a point where our creative futures will spread out and take on different journeys.

Thanks again for believing in us through all these years. We believe the best is yet to come.

Jon, Martin, Paul, Stu G and Tim

I have to say, this is something not normally seen outside the Christian music subculture. I can think of several bands that I have really enjoyed, yet few of them last forever with the same lineup. PFR didn’t stay together, dc Talk split into Kevin Max, Tait, and tobyMac, WhiteHeart and Petra rarely employed the same lineups during their years. Christian bands just don’t seem to have the need to continue filling auditoriums and traveling so much. I think with individual artists it is very different, as they can get home easier (and cheaper) than a five-piece band can. Bands exist for a time, grow older, have kids and families, and move on.

How do I feel about Delirious? fading into the background? A bit sad, as they are obviously my favorite band. However, I’m also excited for the future. Martin’s CompassionArt work is really a phenomenal idea, and something which brings the Kingdom to those who are hurting. I’m sure that Stu G will be putting out some solo work, and Jon and Tim will find something to do. Poor Paul just joined the band in May. I’ve long wanted to see their yearly Christmas show at Shepherds Bush Empire in London, but unless I find a way to get there this year or next, it probably won’t happen. I just hope they swing back through North Texas before the end of next year, so I can take my kids to their first (and last) Delirious?

All that said, God bless each of the families involved. You’ve made some great music, provided unbelievable shows, and pressed the kingdom of God forward into places where many of us couldn’t imagine going. That is truly the legacy of Delirious?.

Clay W Ginn My real job is as a software developer for a small company in North Texas. I’ve been married for nearly 12 years and am the father of three. I’m an avid reader, weather nut, and love playing my guitar and singing. My wife and I are huge fans of Walt Disney World, trying to get there once every couple of years. I grew up on a farm in rural Kansas, and attended seven different colleges before completing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology and a Master’s degree in Information Systems. In the past I’ve been a youth leader, worship leader, police dispatcher, accounting clerk, customer service representative, and a gumball machine builder. I love writing anything, from movie and music reviews to political screeds to comparisons of culture and faith. I’m even working on a novel as well.

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  1. Hey, how did you do the yellow quote thing? Teach me, Clay, teach me!

    I remember when Five Iron Frenzy announced their break-up (or rather they moved on to do different things). I thought my heart would smash into smitherins…but…I survived. Still, I think that FIF was the greatest band there has ever been and ever will be (sorry to all the bands I’ve interviewed that may be reading this…I love you, too…really!) For me, it will always be Five Iron Frenzy.

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