Just wanted to say THANKS

signTo all you lovely people,

As cheesy as it sounds, I just wanted to sincerely take the time to thank all the people who have been supporting Backseat Writer. Honestly, I thought it would be a plunky little blog out there in a world of many, but you guys keep coming to the site, adding it to your links, and inviting your friends to visit. Any time I see a new link, I feel humbled that you would choose to add Backseat Writer to your list of links or friends. Thank you.

Originally, at its inception, Backseat Writer was going to be a “me” thing, but I believe God has called it to be more. You’ll notice in the weeks that more people will be contributing to the site with unique views, art, and things that beautifully glorify our God. I believe that God has a bigger vision for this site than I could ever hold in my minute brain. If you want to be a part of things around her, just shoot me an e-mail at amy@backseatwriter.com.

Thank you to the musicians and authors who have done interviews for Backseat Writer, to the publicists who have worked to provide materials to review (and scheduled interviews), to the contributors whose work honors God, to those who have encouraged and prayed for the site, and especially to the readers who are the reason Backseat Writer is a little voice crying out in the wilderness of the internet.


Amy, Lead Scribe

0 thoughts on “Just wanted to say THANKS

  1. Aw Amy, you’re welcome. I really love what you’ve been doing and the improvements you always strive to make. BSW looks better every day!

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