Review: Til We See the Shore by Seabird

Seabird Album

6.24.08 Release

By Amy Sondova Is this a debut album? Because Til We See the Shore (Credential Recordings) doesn’t sound like many new recordings I’ve heard lately, at least not in Christian music. Drawing on Britpop influences and emulating the energies of such artists as The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and The Dove, Seabird sounds like a group of seasoned pros.

The album’s instrumentation flows seamlessly as they sew together heavy guitar hooks, strong, driving rhythms, and a solid piano/guitar base. Because it is intriguing, Til We See the Shore begs for multiple listens to be understood musically, artistically, and lyrically. Why? Because the arrangements are that excellent. The album’s first single, “Rescue” (available as a free download until July 1.  Download here) is an intense song about the fervent need for a Savior. The opening lyrics state, “I’m pushing up daisies/I wish they were roses/I feel like I’m drowning/ But nobody knows it,” words which ring true to the desperate.

“Maggie Mahoney” drips with strains of modern-day swing as it twists and turns the listener with a dance of linguistics. The album’s title track, “Til We See The Shore” urges listeners to “Sing until your heart hurts and then sing some more/ Don’t stop singing until we reach the shore.” The song has melancholy undercurrents making way for a bridge of hope. There’s also the sadly romantic “Falling For You” and the more upbeat “Stronger.” Other notable songs include the haunting “Apparitions,” the bittersweet “Let Me Go On,” and the beautifully angry “Jargon.”

Of course, any track you land on with an album like this is going to be superb. Have fun exploring them all. Til We See the Shore by Seabird is one voyage you don’t want to miss!

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Don’t forget to download “Rescue”, Seabird’s first single from Til We See the Shore here! (Available until July 1 at midnight)

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