Alive 2008 Recap

My dear friend, Jeff Greathouse, his beautiful wife, and their kids attended Alive 2008, a Christian music festivals taking place in Ohio. To read all about Jeff’s take on the fest, go to his blog (Alive:Wednesday, Alive: Thursday, Festival Photos, Concert Photos). He graciously allowed me to post some of his stellar concert pics on BSW.


David Crowder with a funny looking instrument.


David Crowder and his adoring public in black and white.

hawk nelson

…and Hawk Nelson! (Read BSW’s interview with Hawk Nelson’s front man, Jason Dunn here).

casting crowns

Casting Crowns

You can see the rest of Jeff’s concert pics on his blog. If you are attending a festival this summer, please shoot me an e-mail ( and tell me all about it! I definitely want to get as many pics and recaps up as possible.

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