Raw Review :: A Heart Like This–Jonathan Dunn

By Amy Sondova A Heart Like This, the full-length debut album from independent singer/songwriter Jonathan Dunn is a poignant recording sharing the story of a man’s struggles with God. Highly personal, this album co-written with Sparrow recording artist Josh Wilson (“3 Minute Song”) speaks about the lowest times in Jonathan’s life and his struggles with drugs, periods of depression, and questions of faith.

Using a combination of full-length and short songs to tie the tale together, A Heart Like This, communicates that life is messy and not a pretty package. Yet chords of hope echo as the dominant message—the struggle is real, but God is what matters—breaks forth again and again, but culminates in the album’s final song, “Broken, Beloved.” Jonathan’s ethereal voice, unique and comforting, adds to the overall impact of this album.

The creativity of this independent album is vast and the co-writing team of Jonathan Dunn and Josh Wilson, both Belmont graduates, is sure to be one that excels in independent recording. Vocal layers, smooth transitions, and expert instrumentation give A Heart Like This a professional sound not typical in indie recordings.

On a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of writing about and interviewing both Jonathan Dunn and Josh Wilson (read JW’s interview here) about their music. Both men have hearts that beat passionately for God and it can’t help but flow forth in their music. By the way, Jonathan and Josh are dear friends, which adds a beautiful depth to their collaborative songwriting.

It should be noted that I am working with Jonathan on developing press materials, so my endorsement of A Heart Like This could be a bit biased. Then again, I believe in the indelible spirit of this record and think that you will be as impressed with Jonathan Dunn as I am.

Visit Jonathan Dunn online at myspace.com/jonathandunn. Give his album a listen and order it…today! A Heart Like This will be available for download on iTunes any day now. Also, check out Josh Wilson, who’s making a splash on Christian radio with “3 Minute Song” from his full-length debut album, Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup (read BSW raw review). Visit him online at myspace.com/joshwilson.

Print copy of raw review.

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