If You Like Death Cab For Cutie…

Yes, this is the actual album cover, which has nothing to do with stairs, but lots to do with random strips of color.

…then you’ll like the review I wrote about their latest album, Narrow Stairs, which was posted last week on Burnside Writers Collection. Review the review here.

Don’t they look like nice boys? Makes you wanna run right out and buy the album, doesn’t it? Notice more random strips of color on the wall in the background. I wonder if they decoupage.

What I didn’t know about the band is that they’re from Bellingham, WA–a charming little town near the San Juan Islands. I had the pleasure of passing through the town on two occasions when visiting my dear friends, the Baileys, who run a charter boat called the Pacific Catalyst boat in San Juan and Alaska (in the summer). Fairy artist Amy Brown is also a native and resident of the town.

I’ve have a strange desire to move to Bellingham, even though I’ve only seen it by boat and ferry. Maybe I could rock on with DCFC and paint some fairies with Amy Brown. Then I could sit in my chalet by the ocean and write about all sorts of wonderful things. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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