Review :: Guys Like Girls Named Jennie by Kerri Pomarolli

By Amy Sondova Finally, a book for the single woman about dating—written by a woman who actually goes on dates. Kerri Pomarolli’s Guys Like Girls Named Jennie (Zondervan) is a fresh approach to tired old singles books. Instead of bogging readers down with dating tips, Kerri takes us through her dating history—detail by excruciating detail. This comedienne/actress/author writes conversationally and more importantly, realistically. Reading each chapter is like sitting down for a smoothie with Kerri as she recounts her latest dating disaster or plans her next great romance.

Being a single woman myself, I found Kerri’s forthright attitude about dating, courtship, how the church views singles, and trying to find God’s best to be so true. In fact, Kerri says the things the rest of us are thinking, and she communicates her message through humor. For example, she writes, “Doesn’t it seem like all Christians get married right after puberty? I mean, if you’re twenty-five, a Christian, and single, people need to be lifting you up in prayer.” Exactly. Kerri tackles these issues head-on, refusing to hold back, and readers will love her for it.

It’s not just the humor that makes Guys Like Girls Named Jennie so enjoyable; it’s Kerri’s ability to break down her experiences with a dose of humility and vulnerability. When she goes too far into a relationship emotionally or physically, she is quick to admit her folly. “Okay, it’s a given that I never made it through watching an entire movie with a boyfriend without some massive make-out session…” she writes while seeing a man she refers to as Mr. H. It doesn’t work out with Mr. H because he doesn’t share her convictions, nor does it work out with Joshua or Doug or Rob or many others. In fact, one of Kerri’s relationships ends with a stalker from a Christian dating site. Ouch! Towards the end of the book, Kerri winds up starting a relationship with fellow comedian Ron, who is clearly the best of the lot (though Kerri does date some pretty amazing eligible bachelors).

Perhaps the most touching parts of the book come when Kerri dares to ask the questions on the hearts of women like, “So, God, are you saying I can’t handle a boyfriend right now? Am I so much more ill prepared for marriage than all of my friends who are married?” She even touches on a very sensitive issue—what if there is no Mr. Right for her? What if God’s best doesn’t come? Interestingly enough, I would have never imagined that a beautiful woman like Kerri would have any so many dating foibles. Sure, she has little trouble getting dates, but a lot of trouble finding the “right” guy for her. From the beginning of the book until the end, Kerri grows from a girl who wants to date a Christian man into a woman who only wants a man after God’s own heart (one who will pray with her and for her).

Whether you’re single, dating, married, or divorced, Guys Like Girls Named Jennie is a book for every woman at any time of her life. Kerri’s experiences are laugh-out-loud funny, heart-breaking, real, and also offer insight into the heart of God and His love for His children. Incidentally, Kerri’s story does have a happy ending. Find out what happened between her and Ron at her personal website,

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