Peeping Toms–NO! Peeping Aliens

In this image provided by Peckman, you can see the “alien” peeking in the window.

When I was a child, my father used to tease me by saying, “I saw an alien looking in your window last night.” The idea of extraterrestrials terrified me, so the slightest prospect of their freakishly huge eyes gazing on my sleeping form freaked me out.  Before I went to bed each night I made certainthat my curtains were closed and my shades were drawn.  That way if an alien did look in my window, I wouldn’t have to see him or her.  However, being an alien, I was certain that the being could see right through my curtains!  At one point, it got so bad that I refused to sleep with my window open in case an alien would try to sneak into my room.

Neither of my parents realized I had such a fear of extraterrestrials, and my father wasn’t being cruel in his joking.  I held on to my fear of aliens for years until one day I decided that if they wanted to take me into outer space, when then they could have me.  I remember it dawning on my during middle school that the universe was so huge, it would seem like an awfully big waste of space if no one else was out there (I was even more freaked out when I heard a similar line in a movie).

No longer do I fear the aliens that may or may not be peering into my window at night, but maybe my childhood fears weren’t so unfounded.  Apparently, aliens were looking into the window of one Colorado man.  Jeff Peckman not only claims it happened; he wants the city of Denver to create an 18-member extraterrestrial affairs commission.

In fact, Peckman even video footage of the alien in the window which he displayed before the media (full story).   On Fox News, Peckman said, “This one looked very gentle and very innocent and youthful.”  As opposed to the other aliens that have been looking in his window?

And how did Peckman have this camera magically set up to record this close encounter of the third kind?  The Denver post reports that Peckman feared that “Peeping Toms were stalking his teen daughters.”  Little did he know the Peeping Toms weren’t even from this planet!

Refusing to release the video to the public or offering it to news stations, Peckman says, “It’s under agreement right now and negotiations are under way to create a documentary out of this for widespread use.”  That sure does make it tricky to authenticate the findings, doesn’t it?

Does anyone besides the Mutual UFO Network believe this guy?  Probably not.  Although maybe my father would, I mean, he does see aliens looking in people’s windows at night.

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