David Cook’s Crown

I’ve been watching all season, and I just noticed that DC is either left-handed or likes playing his guitar backwards. The guitar, incidentally, is his brother’s with the initials “AC” (Andrew Cook). David’s brother is the one who got him to try out and has been suffering from cancer. Incidentally, Mama and Papa Cook seem to have raised two fine boys. Best withes to DC and AC or (AC/DC).

David Cook was crowned the new Miss America, I mean, “American Idol”. Confetti fell from the ceiling, the crowd cheered, and the Cook man cried in a manly way. It was beautiful. Plus, what a gracious winner. As he sung the winner of the AI songwriter’s contest, he invited the rest of the Top 12 to join with him on the judges’ platform.

Does anyone actually know what his orange rubber band bracelet stands for? Apparently, Cook was sent the bracelet by reporter Charley Belcher whose daughter, Lindsey Rose, is suffering from leukemia. Cook was first seen wearing the bracelet when he sang “Eleanor Rigby” and hasn’t removed it since.

Out of all the contestants, DC was the most innovative musician trying new things each and every week. Plus, there was no doubt that out of the Top 12, he was bound to sell the most albums. It was a well-deserved win for Mr. Cook.

Everyone’s favorite best friend and brother, Renaldo!

Of course, the actual results of the show were announced in the last 3 minutes of the two hour season finale (way to keep the people in suspense!), which had many amusing highlights. The first of my absolute favorite moments was Brooke White’s duet with Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills, Nash & sometimes Young) and of course, the reappearance of Renaldo “I am your brother” Lapuz. The latter was one of the greatest moments in television history as he was joined onstage by the USC cheerleaders and marching band (and later Randy and Paula).

Here’s a ghetto recording I found of tonight’s performance on YouTube.com…I’m sure there will be better on ones, but this will do for now…

And, of course, the original airing that made us love him…

The song also included a great performance of David Cook and ZZTop, the Jonas Brothers causing a ruckus among the ‘tweens, Seal and Syesha, as well as Jason Castro doing a rendition of the only song he sang well, “Hallelujah”. Former winners Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood also performed, both wearing outfits I’m pretty sure they stole from Tina Turner’s closet. Taylor Hicks has been surprisingly absent from the spotlight during seasons 6 and 7 of “American Idol.” Isn’t that peculiar?

It was a great finale was absurdly long commercial breaks (which was to be expected) and a surprise ending. I thought Archie has the victory in hand, but at the end of the night, David Cook was king!

Rock on, DC, rock on!

Arguably one of Cook’s best perfomances was his cover of Chris Cornell’s cover of the Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. Video below…

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