Where’s the OFF button?

I think emotions should come with an off button. I just want a day off from feelings, emotions, thoughts, and all that other serious stuff that drives my heart and mind. I suppose I could use illicit narcotics or guzzle down booze to achieve this numbness, but I hardly think that would be beneficial (or legal). I just wish we humans came with an “off” switch.

0 thoughts on “Where’s the OFF button?

  1. Amy,

    Trust me on this one, you dont know what your asking for. You do not want an off switch. In my life, BC, I mastered the on off switch. I even kept it in the off position most of the time because thats the safer place to be. Living my life only in AD now I keep the switch in the full on position all the time. Life gets really lonely when you dont feel things. Even chaos and pain are feelings that let you know your alive, and therefore have hope. If you relegate chaos and pain into the off position, you will feel nothing and be alone all the time in your own brain, trust me, thats destructive. If you can allow the chaos of life to become normal you can learn to lean on Jesus, if you turn it off, well, nuff said. I have an old post called “Lazarus” that addressed this more directly. It is based on the line, “and Jesus wept”

    Leave the switch in the on possition Amy.


  2. Yeah, totally what Chris said. However, tiny breaks consisting of espresso, chocolate, or chinese food combined with buffy the vampire slayer dvd’s create a nice break 🙂 In other words, don’t forget to indulge yourself on occassion. Self-care=GOOD!

  3. better than an on/off switch would be one of those big red shiney staples easy buttons.

    but for real life.. not for stationary


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