Updated:: Our First Poll Ever!

It’s the South Pole…get it? Pole and poll? Yeah, it’s a terrible pun.

The time has come for me to ask you, the readers, what you want to see on Backseat Writer. Or if you don’t like any of these options or have another idea, feel free to leave a comment (or leave a comment anyway. I love comments). You can always e-mail me your ideas as well. Remember, I’m looking for guest bloggers and artists (maybe poets) to contribute to the site, so feel free drop me a line about that as well. Thanks for your participation!

The poll I put in wasn’t actually registering votes…doh!  So I’m just gonna throw the question out, and you can respond in the lovely “comments” section.  And I’ll feel really silly if NO ONE responds, so please take a few minutes and give your input.  Thanks!

What do you want to see (more of)  on Backseat Writer?

A. How to use the Bible for counseling/life

B.  God/Bible Musings

C.  Music Reviews/Interviews

D.  Photography/Art

E.  Culture/Youth Culture

F. Other Reviews/Interviews

G. Random Scribblings/Musings


0 thoughts on “Updated:: Our First Poll Ever!

  1. Amy,

    This is a tough choice. It is all good. I love the interviews and photos. The posts on Atypical Musings are also excellent. You have great insight and a good eye for detail. I think that you should definitely continue with the reviews / interviews. You are doing a better job overall than publications like CCM. I understand that you may want Backseat Writer to be a little more focused. In that case, if it were me, I would use Backseat Writer as a portfolio of photos and professional quality articles and keep Atypical Musings more personal. Backseat Writer could become a showcase for you and other talented writers and artists while it provides your readers with an alternative source of inspirational media and entertainment. It sounds like I am describing the Fox New Network, but I’m not.


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