Review: Running Back to You–Chris Sligh

Album Release: May 6

By Amy Sondova
From his wild curly hair to his off-the-beaten-path look, Chris Sligh seemed an unlikely candidate for “American Idol” Season 6, yet he managed to slip by thousands even making the show’s Top 10. Less than a year later, Sligh releases Running Back to You on indie label Brash Music, with his mug adorning the album cover reminding us all why America loved him.

The title track, “Running Back to You,” is a catchy tune sure to make worship leaders everywhere sing its praise…figuratively and literally. “Cry Tonight” starts out strong, and then falls into the same tempo and mood as the other 12 tracks on Running Back to You.

The album itself is less than dynamic. Tired lyrics, repetitive melodies, and lack of interesting vocals make Running Back to You another CD on the shelf. In fact, Sligh’s vocals are often drowning under guitar hooks and drum beats, so one has to pay careful attention to catch each word. It’s not that the album is terrible; it’s not. However, it lacks creativity as each song runs into the next. While there are a few interesting orchestrations here and there, they can’t save this album.

Running Back to You makes great background noise or as a starter CD for a youth worship band. If you’re looking for something unique, the album doesn’t hit the mark. Or as “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell would say, “Come back and wow us next year.”

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