Review: Quiet Revolution–Telecast

Release Date: April 29

By Amy Sondova Telecast’s third album, Quiet Revolution (BEC) is a pleasant blend of piano and guitar hooks, unusual instrumentation, and quirky transitions. Far from being a pop-driven worship album, Quiet Revolution has a uniquely Brit-rock sound (complete with semi-British-sounding lead singer). Crafted by lead singer Josh White and producer Zach Hodges (also a member of Telecast), the album is a “call to holiness for believers.”

Lyrically, Quiet Revolution is a typical worship album with words that praise God passionately. While songs like “Temporary Twilight” and “Beautiful Mystery” are deeply entrenched with insight from White’s reading of Scripture (and C.S. Lewis’ classic, The Great Divorce), none of the songs showcase lyrical excellence.

Writing the piano parts first and then adding in guitar, White strives to make an album that stands out, yet praises God—he succeeds in both. While fans of Tomlin and Crowder may not “get” it, those devoted to the more artistic side of worship music will be delighted with Quiet Revolution.

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