Review: Love at the Core—Run Kid Run

By Amy Sondova Admittedly, I was completely ignorant of the Run Kid Run before their sophomore album Love at the Core showed up. After listening to the first few songs, I was the band’s newest fan. Showing creative energy in every song, Love at the Core (Tooth & Nail) is not only a fun listen, it also offers food for thought.

After emerging on the scene in 2006 with their debut album, This Is Who We Are, Run Kid Run experienced immediate success with their radio hits, “We’ve Only Just Begun” and “Sing To Me”. Their second album builds on the catchy melodies and strength of the first providing the power-packed message of God’s love in ten album tracks.

“Captives Come Home”, the album’s first radio single, is catchy from the get-go, but at deeper listen offers insight for those wandering in the wilderness to find their homes in God alone. The album’s title track “Love at the Core” is a heart scream about mankind’s desire for intimate love. And what album is complete without a few love songs? While “My Sweet Escape” and “Fall Into the Light” are love songs for God alone, “One in a Million” is sweet song about the romance a couple can experience when putting God first.

With the possibility of pulling in fans from rock, punk, and pop genres, Love at the Core is a diverse album vocally and musically. Instead of watering their relationship with God (or girls) to a few sappy words and twangy guitars, Run Kid Run instead entices listeners with interesting arrangements, catchy lyrics, and melody lines that invigorate the spirit.

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Run Kid Run originally hails from Illinois and is comprised of David Josiah Curtis (vocals/guitar), Neil Endicott (vocals/guitar), Matt Jackson (drums), and Paul Stewart (bass). For more on Run Kid Run, visit their website or MySpace.

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