Waking Up with Everyday Sunday

Written in May 2007

By Amy Sondova Despite cell phone reception that went in and out, sleep deprivation, and the rigorous schedule Everyday Sunday keeps these days, BSW’s interview with front man Trey Pearson went on…via e-mail. Traveling from Duluth to Chicago in their trusty RV, Harvey the RV, the band noticed a funky odor, and that’s when drummer Kevin Cramblet discovered that he had left the emergency brake on while driving to the next stop in the “Generation Rising” tour. Amidst loud yells, raucous laughter, and general mayhem, Pearson laughed, “Welcome to life on the road, where every day’s Sunday.”

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, the band includes Pearson, Cramblet, guitarist Jesse Counts and the brothers Eikenberry, Aaron on guitar and Brandon on bass. Currently part of the “Generation Rising” tour, Everyday Sunday released their third album, WAKE UP! WAKE UP! in May 2007 to critical acclaim. In fact, two of the album’s singles, “Find Me Tonight” and the title track, “Wake Up! Wake Up!” have both reached No. 1 status on the CHR (Christian Hit Radio) charts.

On to the interview with Trey Pearson of Everyday Sunday (EDS)…

So, what do you think makes Everyday Sunday stand out from other bands in the industry?

Trey: I think we have an album full of songs that hopefully people will like as much as we do. Our goal was to make one of the best albums of the year. I feel like we did everything we could to make that happen, and made an album that hopefully people will really enjoy every song the whole way through.

How can I describe your sound?

Trey: It’s power-pop, modern-rock, post pop-punk, and any other term you would like to use to describe it.

I don’t think a lot of folks, especially younger fans, realize how taxing traveling, playing, and meeting lots of new people can be. How has that reality hit you?

Trey: Traveling can be exhausting. But it’s a dream job. We get to tour the world and play shows. I can’t complain. But I do love when I’m able to be home and hang out with friends, family, and church. And it’s nice because most of the time when I am home, I am able to just relax and put that time into those people.

Before making WAKE UP! WAKE UP! EDS did some soul-searching as a band—what can you tell me about that?

Trey: We were just all headed different directions in a lot of ways. And I had to go where I felt God wanted me to be. So we all had to make decisions if we were going to continue on with the vision of Everyday Sunday. I’ve been able to continue to keep that dream that God has given me, and He has made it so I can pursue it in a way that I am most passionate about and that is honoring to Him.

Ian Eskelin, producer of WAKE UP! WAKE UP!, is a personal hero to EDS. Is that because of All Star United (and their crazy cool live performances), his producing, or a combination of both?

Trey: Well, he was already a hero because of the influence he has had on us with the band All Star United. But even more so now because of the relationship we were able to build with this album.

After reading EDS’ lyrical explanations for the album, the title track sounds like it could be a bit autobiographical as you realized that EDS has a continued role to play in God’s story…

Trey: Ha. It didn’t really have to do with the band particularly. It’s a song as a call for all Christians to wake up to the life that God has called them to and intended for them to experience.

“Take Me Out” also sounds like your journey as a band. Did you happen to be reading the story of Jacob wrestling with God in Genesis when you wrote this song?

Trey: The story of Jacob wrestling with God was definitely a major thought through my head as I was writing this song, and definitely has a direct connection to being that passionate about pursuing God.

“Find Me Tonight” and “Tell Me You’ll Be There” are in the same transparent vein as “Hanging On” (one of my personal favorite songs), which is cool because a lot of rock/pop—whatever you guys are—doesn’t necessarily bring that much transparency to lyrics, which has always been something that EDS has done…

Trey: I just try to be honest in everything I write about. The biggest goal in our songs is to connect with people in a way that they can relate to. So I figure the best way to do that is to be honest with what I’m going through or how I feel, and think that there are probably other people that go through the same things or experience the same feelings. But thank you, that means a lot when we hear how much our songs mean in other people’s lives.

Your first story song, “I’ll Get Over It (Miss Elaineous)” is one of those songs a lot of us can universally relate to—why did you decide to put a break-up song on this album?

Trey: I just thought it would be fun to write an overly emotional song about. Ha. I had several friends all going through similar experiences, and thought it would be an interesting story.

“Apathy For Apologies”—one of your favorite songs lyrically—why?

Trey: I just feel like I was happy about using all the words and phrases in a way that best expressed what I wanted to say in a creative way. I just really enjoyed writing it.

Some bands leave it to the album, but with EDS it’s also about the live show. I caught y’all once at SoulFest in 2003…it was intense. Why do you feel so strongly about your live performances?

Trey: It’s just as much a part of our band as our albums are. It’s what we want people to remember Everyday Sunday for.

Like a lot of other bands, you have a strong teen base—what do you think that youth workers should know about teens?

Trey: They need strong Christian people in their lives to look up to. I know they look up to bands like us, but they also look up to you. You have no idea how much impact and confidence you can really put into a teen to stay strong and to know God is there for them no matter what. I work as a full time youth sponsor for our youth group back home, and it is just as important of a ministry to me as anything.

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0 thoughts on “Waking Up with Everyday Sunday

  1. Everyday sunday it’s amazing. My favorite songs are “wake up, wake up” and “find me tonight”. Too bad my brother in law quit the band though, he brought life to the band. Jesse is an amazing and hilarious person and I hope the band realizes that they lost a great person. Everything happens for a reason though.

  2. i luv everyday sunday so much! they r my favorite band of all time. they were here on january 16 which is my bday and i got to go to their concert and i got a pic of trey w/ me and my bff justyne on my fone and he also signed my fone (but it cam off =((( ). last weekend they were here at my church and i coodnt go cauz i had to go to wisconsin w/ my family and i actually cried becauz i coodnt go to their concert but my other bff rachelle got a cd signed by all the band members for me and my mom ordered their next upcoming album that hasnt come out yet for me so i’ll get it wen it cums out!!! im so excited!!! im listenin to their wake up wake up cd rite now and i luv it soooo much!!!!! i wish trey was my brother cauz he is so cool.

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