The “American Idol” elimination show is still going on, but I had to let everyone know that Brooke White is…SAFE! Who knows who’s getting thrown off, but it’s neither of the Davids or Brooke! Next week’s mentor is Neil Diamond and I’m sure that Brooke will do well. I knew those 200 votes would pay off!

Thanks for voting for Brooke!

And Carly is in the Bottom 2…(update) and she’s going home! While she wasn’t the worst singer of the night, her “Simon Loves Me (This Week)” shirt probably irritated the rest of America as much as it irritated me. As if that wasn’t bad enough, after she sang “Superstar” live tonight she said to Ryan, “I remembered all the lyrics,” which seemed like a slight against Brooke White.

Looks like character does count when it comes to “American Idol”.

0 thoughts on “BROOKE IS SAFE!!!

  1. I liked Carly and the bottom two should have not been the bottom two, if it was based on their singing on Tuesday.

    I know that the show is not about that.

    But Jason and Brooke should have been in the bottom two with Jason heading home. Ohhhhhhh well.

    I will definitely put her (Carly) in my rhapsody account when her cd comes out.

    Congrats for helping Brooke. I like her voice and her “attitude” but …..

  2. I thought Brooke and Jason would be the Bottom 2 and that there was a good chance that Brooke was going on. She is the pick for the folks on “Vote For the Worst” so that could have helped her. I have Brooke and David Cook’s ALW studio recordings…they’re excellent. And actually, it’s freaky how great Cook channels the “Phantom” as he sings “Music of the Night”.

    I have never liked Carly, and for me to “believe” an artist, I have to like him or her. She can sing, but she doesn’t have good people skills and that’s part of the biz.

    Syesha should NOT have been in the Bottom 2.

    And really, I don’t think I actually voted 200 times and make that much of a difference in Brooke’s outcome. You can get Carly’s songs on iTunes, BTW.

  3. I loved Syesha’s performance. She should have been in the top! I thought Jason did not do well and Brooke was okay. I am shocked that Carly was sent home. I am loosing hope in AI. The last two eliminations I thought were bad choices. Jason could have put me to sleep with his bad rendition of “Memories”. And he is still around? David Cook and David Arch. I think have the best hope to make it to the end. If they go home before the top 4 I will call it a night on AI.

  4. This is how it is with AI every season though. It’s a popularity contest, not one based on talent. How else do we explain Jason Castro continuing to make it through week after week? I’m telling you that kid is so stoned he doesn’t even know he’s on the show. Jason made me want to wretch with his version of “Memories”. I’m glad ALW laughed because that’s really all you can do when you see Castro sing.

    The Davids are awesome…I think they’ll be the Top 2 with David Cook taking it home. Archie has a great set of pipes but I think he could be a bit too young. I think Cookie’s ready to record.

    I was surprised about Syesha though. I really like her and after her performance on Tues. night, which was the best all-around, she was in the Bottom 2? Very strange.

    AI isn’t just about singing though; it’s also about connecting with the audience and making people care enough about you to call in.

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