Absolute Randomness

I put “randomness” as a search term on Google images and this is one of the pics that came up. It’s sort of funny and sort of mean. I’d rather throw M&M’s or blow bubbles at people myself.

One of the main drawbacks with writing from home is that I’m so easily distracted. I mean, with no boss cracking the whip, it’s OK if I randomly engaged in idle IM chat or chat on the phone or play a rousing game of fetch with my “employees” (thanks to Josh Wilson for giving the dogs that grand title! Oh, and his album, Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup releases this Tuesday, April 29. Check it out! Gotta love random plugs). Sometimes I choose to blog (which is OK, except when I should be writing an article) or take the rest of the day to go spend some quality time in the woods with my camera. Today I will be writing an article…when I get around to it.

In the spirit of randomness…I will write a random blog entry on the random thoughts swimming through my brain….

*Amanda wrote a new song, which is beautiful. Everyone should check it out here. She’s going to record on May 17–I’m stoked.

*”American Idol” was a bit of a disaster last night. I love Broadway music and especially Andrew Lloyd Weber, but as a weekly theme? Come on now! It was the worst thing I’ve seen since Mariah Carey was a mentor…oh, wait, that was just last week. ALW was great with the contestants though, and the Davids and Syesha did great! Brooke is losing confidence, and her start/stop didn’t help. Still, I imagine the studio version of “You Must Love Me” will be excellent. I loved her black and white butterfly dress…she’s a contestant that’s managed to be modest every single week. But it’s the conviction with which she sings that gets me every week. And does Carly annoy anyone else? Seriously, send that girl and her ego home already!

* Spring is a great season, except for my allergic reactions to the outside world and the urge I get for a “spring romance” every single, stinkin’ year. I hate it. Just because the flowers are a’blooming doesn’t mean this girl needs a ring on her finger, right? I need encouragement and prayer because I know now is a terrible time for a relationship for so many reasons, but…grrr!

*I feel a bit melancholy right now. It’s the inevitable wash over from the stressful and painful events that have taken place over the past few months. I definitely need to lean on God’s strength right now. I fear I’m becoming “hard” because I am so tired of caring. Just pray that God will protect my heart, keep it tender, and allow it to show His love, despite how the world reacts.

*Henri Nouwen, wow, he’s just amazing. If I haven’t told you this already, I’m telling you again…get The Inner Voice of Love and read it (in fact, you can get the Nouwen book and Josh Wilson’s CD to get free shipping. Oh, wait, the order has to total up to $25. OK, you can get Nouwen, Josh Wilson’s CD, and a Flying Sling Shot Screech Monkey. Goshdarnit, the monkey ships from another seller. You could always get Grey Holiday’s album… Look, I’m sure you’re a good shopper and you can find a third item of interest to get Free Super Shipper).

Anyway, here’s another gripping quote from the book:

“People will constantly try to hook your wounded self. They will point out your needs, your character defects, your limitations, and sins. That is how they attempt to dismiss what God, through you, is saying to them. Your temptation, arising from your great insecurity and doubt, is to begin believing their definition of you. But God has called you to speak the Word to the world and to speak it fearlessly. While acknowledging your woundedness, do not let go of the truth that lives in you and demands to be spoken.”

*I think “the employees” want to go for a walk….

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