The Power of One

This is the actual paper towel sample with our actual paper!

When I was a kid I loved getting the Sunday paper because it came with COLOR comics. I didn’t have to read about the adventures of Garfield or Snoopy in boring ol’ black and white like I did the other six days of the week. Sundays were special.

The Sunday paper with its wide array of colorful advertisements continues to amuse me, and now the paper even comes with samples. One time we got Tylenol PM, a cereal sample (it was good!), and some other random things, but today we got the weirdest sample I have ever seen–we got a paper tower–a Brawny paper towel nonetheless (see above photo). And it’s only one, not a mini roll…one paper towel. Then again, maybe one is all you need.

So, if I remember, I’ll update y’all on how our ONE super industrial paper towel works. Maybe next week we’ll get some toilet paper.

0 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. wow samples,sometimes we have them but most times it is just a coupons.
    with that being said.TAG YOU ARE IT! come on over and see what you have been tagged to do.

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