Dancing with Jefferson

A group of self-described libertarians decided to have a silent dance party at the Jefferson Memorial to celebrate Jefferson’s birthday. I mean, where else would you celebrate his birthday, right? The group, armed with iPods and ear buds, quietly danced to the beat of their personal electronic devices to show their love for Tommy J. Unfortunately, the monument police were not in a loving mood and ended the party with the arrest of 28 year-old Brooke Obberwetter (what a great name!)

The group is taking action against the D.C. park police to clear Obberwetter’s record. I’m not sure what the official charge is (disorderly conduct maybe?), but according to the group “Free the Jefferson 1” she was “legitimately questioning authority”. Video on YouTube provided by the group shows Obberwetter talking calmly to police. In no instance does she appear to show or resist arrest (except to say she shouldn’t be arrested). Another video states that Obberwetter was arrested for “making noise” at the monument. I wonder if they arrest screaming kids who are tried of sightseeing in D.C. I personally would find screaming kids much more distracting (and less amusing) than these folks.

Now I’d like to think that a group of fun-loving folks can have a legitimate dance party at the monuments in our national’s capitol. I mean, had they decided to break dance at the Vietnam Memorial, yes, that would have been a bit inappropriate. I could understand if they were arrested for swimming in the reflecting pool (though I’ve always had a sick urge to go swimming there) or having a picnic on the White House lawn. But dancing to their iPods in the Jefferson Memorial? For his birthday? Come on, aren’t there actual criminals in D.C.? With the city’s high murder rate, I think there are. Leave Brooke and her pals alone, and let them dance, dance, dance! It was probably the most interesting thing happening at the monument in decades.

The videos are below (POTTYMOUTH ADVISORY!!!!) I sort of like the guy who gets taken away when the video hits 1:41 myself. He’s a pretty good dancer. I’d totally interview him for the blog…

Best Quote: “We’re just dancing. We’re celebrating his birthday!” Maybe they should have bribed the security guys with cake. Although the second video doesn’t have the guy from the first one, it’s much more amusing.

Best Quote from this: “And the state is throwing us out. There’s something wrong with America when we get thrown out of the Jefferson Memorial…”

There’s another video where the guy says, “Isn’t it just like Brooke to steal the spotlight away from Thomas Jefferson?”

Random person: “I moonwalked; I should be in jail.”

I don’t know how I feel about Libertarians, but these guys are funny. I mean, I love the idea of people just randomly dancing at national monuments, especially at the Thomas Jefferson Monument, in celebration of his birthday. Fine, they probably were dancing not just to celebrate but to make a statement as well. The statement being, “Hey, we’re here to celebrate TJ’s achievements. Want to know about a few?” Perhaps the idea of a run-in with “the man” came to mind, but I doubt they thought anyone would be arrested. Honestly, cuffing the gal in front of everyone…FOR DANCING? Head up the Capitol Hill; that’s where the real criminals are, and we pay them to rip us off. Brooke Obberwetter is not a criminal. The only crime she committed was not bring a cake to celebrate Jefferson’s birthday! And who forgot the party decorations?

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