Update on My Life

I took this picture one day, played with the colorization on Photoshop, and thought, dang, it evokes the feeling of moving upward, so I posted it here.

A few of you out there in blogosphere land are probably wondering, “What’s going on with Amy?  She hasn’t mentioned much about her personal happenings in a while.”  Therefore, I am going to take the time to update y’all about the wild happening in my life.

I have mentioned that I have been going through some rough times, directly and indirectly here on my blog.  While I won’t divulge the messy details of any particular situation, I will say that the storms have passed.  Naturally, every storm leaves a fair amount of damage, from which I am rebuilding.  I have really been learning how to cling to God and find comfort ONLY in Him because there are wounds that only His love can heal.  I am definitely stronger, renewed in purpose, and moving forward.

That being said, here are some of the specific happenings of the past several weeks:

*My online magazine venture, Backseat Writer, is going well.  I thank all of you who have been so faithful in checking it out, giving me feedback, and supporting the site.  I appreciate all of you so much, and those of you who are spreading the word–THANK YOU!  The readership is growing through exposure on blogs, websites, and hype.  I’m trying to increase the content, add in colorful and provocative writers, and I’m happy to announce, the photography/visual arts “gallery” called The Bug Jar is finally up, so please submit your photos or artsy projects to me (amy@backseatwriter.com).  I haven’t decided what I’m doing with my photography blog yet.

*So, what’s up with my other writing projects?  Several projects are in the works right now, and I’ll discuss those at another time.   As for my book, I have a friend who is willing to help work as a coach/editor to complete this project.  Thanks, Alyssa!  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I hope to start focusing more on the book itself over the summer.

*I’m going to be helping to start a young adult ministry at the church, which will launch officially in the fall.  It’s exactly the opportunity I’ve been praying for.

*Yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing a really cool up-and-coming singer/songwriter/musician named Josh Wilson.  You have got to check this guy out.  He plays all the instruments on his soon to be released album How to Fit the Ocean In a Cup (see, the album even has a thought-provoking title!)  And if you listen to Christian radio, you can hear his first single “3 Minute Song” blasting on the air waves.  I did a raw review of his album (read) and posted his hilarious video that he and three of his amigos to the song “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” (watch video).  There’s a generic pink Carebear in the video…what more could anyone ask for?   He’s a musician’s musician, and man, the guy is hilarious as all get out (and all get out is pretty hilarious!)

Josh and everyone else in Nashville are busy with GMA Week which funs from April 19-23, so I’m sure things will be quiet on the music front this week until the Dove Award winners are announced.  It is my goal to be someone’s date to the 2009 GMA Dove Awards so I can wear a fabulous dress and meet Carman.  But really I just want to wear a fabulous dress and go to an awards show and go on a date before I turn 30.

*Sarah’s still working for the county as a casework specializing in adoptions.  Go Sarah!

*The dogs, Cassie and Maddy, are super excited that it’s spring and have been happily scurrying about the apartment in unadulterated joy.  Maddy’s energy never really decreased over the winter, but I’ve noticed a considerable increase in Cassie’s activity.  They still don’t seem to understand that the mail carrier is not the enemy, even though I explain it to them over and over and over again.  I’m going with some dog visitation people to a nursing home tomorrow, and hopefully I can set up a time for Maddy to visit there regularly.

*I have this new GOOGLE TALK thing, so if anyone wants to talk to me on that, just leave GMAIL address in the “EMAIL LINE” and I’ll add you as a friend.  I’m the only one who can see your e-mail address.

*I still really want to learn mandolin.

*I just started studying 1 Kings.

Welp, that’s about all from the wild world of Amy.  I’m sure you could have more up-to-the-minute details of my personal happenings if I twittered, but I don’t.  The best I can do are AIM and Facebook status messages.  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, and if I haven’t talked to you in a while, do check in.  If I never talked to you, let’s become friends.

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  1. learning the Mandolin sounds like a fun thig.thais is how I felt about learning the Hammered Dulicmer.when I first got the dulicmer I was doing the self teaching method.I have two tapes that I watch and listen to than try to play what I saw and heard.

  2. learning the Mandolin sounds like a fun thig.thais is how I felt about learning the Hammered Dulicmer.when I first got the dulicmer I was doing the self teaching method.I have two tapes that I watch and listen to than try to play what I saw and heard.

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