High School: Confidential–Sara N. & Caitlin

By Amy Sondova It’s all the drama, but none of the personal turmoil–it’s high school relived from freshman to senior year through the lives of 12 girls from Northwest High School in Overland Park, KS. It’s called “High School: Confidential” and the show is a new 8-part documentary airing Monday nights at 10 PM on the WE Network. The girls were filmed from 2002-2006.

Raised by first generation Persians, Sara says that her story is “a story about a girl caught between the Persian and American cultures.” Sara is idealistic and dreamy-eyed, a serious student who takes AP classes, plays piano, and is involved with SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). All this changes when she starts dating when girls meets boy (john) during her sophomore year. As their relationship intensifies, the young lovers seem to spend more time with each other than with their friends.

As John heads off to boot camp to prepare for the Marine Corps, Sara is lonely and only wants to hear from her beloved. It finally occurs to Sara that she has no one to talk to because she’s neglected all her friends. The high school senior remains confident about her relationship with John saying, “We’ve been together so long, like a year and a half…” Finally, John’s first letter comes 11 days after making it to boot camp, which Sara reads eagerly (and it looks like there’s an engagement ring sparkling on her left hand).

During her senior year, Sara moves forward planning the couple’s wedding despite her family’s objections (“You’re too young”, “He’s not Persian”, “Get your life together first”). Even though the relationship seems a bit strained by the distance, all is well when John comes back from training. They are first married in a civil ceremony, and then have an official wedding in 2007. In her final statement, she states that by the age of 30 she wants to move to the East Coast, have three kids, and earn her Master’s degree.

Caitlin’s ice blue eyes sparkle in merriment as she describes herself as “charismatic, outgoing, and grounded.” A devout Catholic who is active in youth group, Caitlin proudly shows off her cross necklace and discusses the purity pledge she signed saying it’s “not only is it a contract with me; it’s a contract with God.” Caitlin’s virtue is tested when she starts dating Matt at the end of her freshman year. Catlin says, “I think I love him, but I don’t know what love is” and admits that she is scared to say, “I love you.” She eventually breaks up with Matt, but later meets with him to try to figure out why they’re still not friends after two years of dating. (Uh, because you dumped him!)

A sudden tragedy hits Caitlin’s life when she learns of her cousin’s suicide. Three months her senior, Caitlin is changed by Richard’s death, “Death wasn’t supposed to happen to someone my age.” Steering clear of drugs and alcohol, which played a contributing factor in her cousin’s death, Caitlin decides to spend her senior year figuring out who she is. Deciding that she wants to go to St. Louis University to major in physical therapy, Caitlin follows hard after her dream and succeeds in getting accepted to the school. As much as she’s figured out during high school, there’s one thing that Caitlin is still ambivalent about–her Catholic faith. No longer going to church her senior year, Caitlin says she’s not sure what she believes and asks, “Is that me or what my parents want me to be?”

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All pictures courtesy of WeTV.

Catch up with the other girls–Lauren G. & Cappie; Courtney; Jessi; Allyson, Kim, & Sarah; Crystle, and Cate, Beth, & Lauren B.

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