Truly Bazaar–Camel Beauty Contests

Here’s one of the contenders bidding to be the most beautiful camel in all the world! 

Deep in the heart of the desert, over 20,000 hopefuls line up for the honor that is given to only one hopeful, a title that is carried with prestige, and prizes values in the millions.  What is this contest, you ask with baited breath?  Why, it’s the pageant to select the most beautiful camel in the world–taking place in the United Arab Emirates, a hot spot for dromedaries.

While there’s no swimsuit or talent portion at the Mayazin Dhafra Camel Festival, the competition is just as fierce as the camels battle it out to see who has the glossiest goat, the most attractive nose shape, and the best-looking ears.  The winners of the pageant, or rather their owners, can win a Range Rover or even up to $10 million.  Plus, having a beautiful camel also means offers from wealthy sheiks, looking to add that special mammal to their lives.  The Fox News articles quotes the top judge, camel trainer Hamad Safia Al Mari as saying, “All camels are beautiful, but I’m looking for that perfect camel.  I’m certain that here, I will fine one.”

Some quotes just speak for themselves, you know?  But, really, when I think about it, aren’t we all looking for that perfect camel?  Who needs a man when you can have a camel?

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