Music Review: Kingdom of Comfort by Delirious?

4.1.08 Release

By Amy Sondova What began in 1992 as a trio of guys working together to play at a local event for youth has translated into the worldwide success of Delirious?. The U.K. worship band comprised of Martin Smith (guitars/vocals), Tim Jupp (keys), Stew Smith (drums), Stu G (guitar), and Jon Thatcher (bass) has played for millions worldwide, released celebrated anthems sung in churches today (“I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”, “History Maker”, and “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?”), and achieved success that is, well, history making.

Releasing their twelfth album, Kingdom of Comfort (Furious/Sparrow), Delirious? crafts another album chock full of music that makes the soul flutter. The album is a return to rock, steering away from overproduced anthems in favor of the simplicity of piano, guitar, bass, and drums. The theme of the album—reaching out to those who have little hope—came from a Rob Bell sermon and inspired more than just the catchy track “King of Comfort”.

The album’s “title” track is gripping as it begs, “Save me from the kingdom of comfort where I am king/ From my unhealthy lust of material things.” Pulsating through gut-wrenching verses that show the folly of materialism, the song finalizes with this, “Save me from the kingdom of comfort where I am king to this kingdom of comfort where You are King.” “We Give You Praise”, the album’s first radio single, is a gritty reminder of how “we’ve been saved from ourselves” by God, who deserves all praise. Inspired by the movie Whale Rider, “Eagle Rider” shows a different vein in Delirious’ song-writing, using a lot of flying imagery as a metaphor for freedom, faith, risk, discovery, and adventure. Kingdom of Comfort is full of 13 amazing tracks like the guitar-driven “God Is Smiling” or the rocky “Stare the Monster Down” as well as softer tunes like “How Sweet the Name” and “All God’s Children”. Plus, listeners can listen to the whole album online and download two bonus tracks—“Hallelujah” and “Mothers of the Night”—by simply logging on to, and heading to the “Living Room”.

Besides encouraging Christians to wander outside their kingdoms to take a real look at the suffering of others, Kingdom of Comfort leads the charge in giving back. A portion of all profits from each album sale will benefit the Prem Kiran a humanitarian project in a red light district of India, which provides provides support for poverty-stricken children, whose mothers are enslaved by the sex industry. The band’s efforts are not only noteworthy, but are also provide the meat in the delectable sandwich that is Kingdom of Comfort. It’s an album that seeks to tear listeners down song-by-song, lyric-by-lyric, and note-by-note so that listeners become contrite enough to tear down their comfortable kingdoms stone-by-stone in order to seek another Kingdom entirely.

Delirious talks about the experiences that inspired their latest album in this video and then embed their widget on your blog.

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The contest to win a copy of Kingdom of Comfort is over. Congrats to our two winners, Drew and Christopher!

0 thoughts on “Music Review: Kingdom of Comfort by Delirious?

  1. A good friend of mine turned me on to the music of Delirious. So when i hear their music i think of my friend Steve. Thanks for this review

  2. Delirious? has always been a really solid band, and I’m hoping their newest album is as successful as their others. The charity effort is super cool too!

  3. Oh! I have a totally awesome story about Delirious!

    I was at youth group the other night and had a Mercy Me bag. One of the new kids said, HEY! I know them!

    So, I said, Really? Who else?

    He said, What about Delirious? Are they Christian?

    I about peed myself and said, YES! They are awesome. You should go buy them. So, I went out and bought him one for the next week.

    I still don’t know how he randomly had heard of them and not heard the music. But, he has heard now!

    🙂 Story is over. Peace out!

    BTW, I love your new site, girl!

  4. Amy,

    Another well written review. I was not familiar with Delirious before reading this review (I should be, considering that this is their 12th album) but you have peaked my curiosity. I will have to give them a try.

  5. Great review Amy.

    I’ve got to say that KoC is a phenomenal album. I’ve got all but one of their albums, and it’s better than most, but still not as good as Glo, at least in my opinion. This album sounds more personal than previous ones though.

    However, what did strike me about it is how much more skilled StuG (lead guitar) and Jon (bass) sound.

    There are also a couple songs (Give What You’ve Got, Stare the Monster Down) which almost capture the feel of being there live. Can’t wait until they come around on tour.

    It’s also a great final album for Stew Smith, their drummer.

  6. So, I am pretty much one of your favorite people on this planet. Therefore, you should give me a CD. 🙂

  7. My goodness, these comments crack me up. And, no, the contest is not skewed in your favorite if you happen to be one of my “adopted” siblings or extended “adopted” family members, which means, YOU SARAH, are ineligible. But since we share a flat (go British English!), you can borrow my copy of the CD any time…or go buy your own and support the kids in India.

  8. I think this album is the best that guys ever do!I And I want to have it ‘cos I’m d: fan number 1!!!

  9. No one won yet. You have until April 10 to leave a comment…so now you’re entered. You enter Bobblehead Jesus, too. 😉

  10. The spirits tell me that the winner will be human, either male or female, and have ears.

    I can hardly wait until “Psych” comes back on. It’ll give me something else to do besides leaving comments on random blogs.


  11. Oh, Gus, that’s just a lady who lost her cat…whoop dee do! This is way better because we can win FREE STUFF and free stuff is always good. And, why are you taking to me via blog comments when you’re sitting across the room?–Shawn

  12. I just wanted to clarify that you are winning the CD, not the band since *SOMEONE* posted over at Atypical Musings that she wanted to win Brandon Heath!

  13. Delirious’ album “The Mission Bell” played a part in inspiring me to become a missionary two years ago. Now, listening to “Kingdom of Comfort” on the band’s website, it seems like this album will be even more encouragement to continue building God’s Kingdom, not my own. It’s a timeless message that applies to every man and woman, regardless of location or occupation. Luke 1:79

  14. For those who aren’t aware, the entire album is available for a preview on Delirious’ web site, on the start page. You will see the music player on the screen; just select the album “Kingdom of Comfort” and enjoy! It’s absolutely full of heart, rhythm, and inspiration!

  15. The contest to win a copy of Kingdom of Comfort is over. Congrats to our two winners, Drew and Christopher! Feel free to continue leaving comments though. 🙂

  16. What a bummer! I really wanted to win, but since I was disqualified, I guess I never had a chance. I guess I’ll just have to buy a bunch of their cd’s.

  17. Stop trying to start an uprising. Go protest the Olympics or something. I just tried to hand you the CD in our apartment and you walked away…maybe you have something against British people…


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