Review: I Will Go–Starfield

3.25.08 Release

By Amy Sondova Creating music for a new generation, Starfield’s latest album, I Will Go, inspires listeners to join a soul revival. Packed with deep lyrics pulled directly from the fiery tongues of biblical prophets combined with pulsating music and skillful guitar, the songs boldly take listeners into a worship experience. Released March 25, I Will Go (Sparrow) is the third album from the Canadian rockers—brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld, Gordie Cochran, and David Crisp.

The album’s title track “I Will Go” starts with a tight guitar intro, and bursts forth into a song instructing others to be a force of justice and mercy in the world. The lyrics speak deeply to a church drowning in prosperity, “I will not be blind with privilege/ Give me eyes to see the pain.” “Hosanna” is a song drenched with the Apostle John’s prophetic visions in Revelation when Christ returns and is declared Lord of all. Urging Christians to also worship in the present, the song masterfully combines two deep concepts into one song. Other notable songs include, “Reign In Us” a song about being living sacrifices, “Holy is Our God” a straight-up worship offering, and “Great In All the Earth” which not only has another excellent introduction, but celebrates the wide beauty of creation and the Creator.

One of the greatest things about I Will Go is that the album lends itself to corporate worship in a church setting or personal worship while driving in the car. Despite the reproduction potential of the songs at Christian gatherings throughout the world, the music isn’t watered down with simple chords–I Will Go is technically proficient in its musical arrangement. However, in the past, Starfield has offered assistance on their website for worship leaders who wish to play Starfield songs by providing chord sheets, lyrics, and video tutorials.

I Will Go shows marked musical and lyrical maturity for Starfield since their popular 2004 debut album (Sparrow). Railing against the stagnant faith the threatens to engulf an apathetic generation, Starfield’s I Will Go keeps pushing the limits of modern worship musically, corporately, and personally.

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