Wicked on YouTube

Like me, you may be a big fan of Broadway musicals. Unfortunately, the prices of seeing a show on 42nd street have skyrocketed, so the possibility of seeing WICKED or MAMA MIA (fortunately they’re making it into a movie) are not in my future. But some kind person has offered recordings of some of WICKED on YouTube with original cast members Idina Menzel (who is currently in Enchanted) and the lovely, talented, and amazing Kristin Chenoweth, who I absolutely adore (read how much–“Snooked on Pushing Daisies”). If you read this Wikipedia recap of WICKED, and watch the videos, it’s like a ghetto (very ghetto) version of Wicked…almost like you’re there…with Chenoweth/Menzel as the stars. I really wish I could see it with them, but alas, this will do for now. Chenoweth is just a phenomenal, humorous actress, perfect in this role.

A quirky excerpt of “Popular” with Menzel/Chenoweth…

Here’s a lovely excerpt of “Defying Gravity” with Menzel/Chenoweth…

And “For Good”…

And if you can’t get enough Kristin Chenoweth (like me), check out her rendition of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from “Pushing Daisies” which will return in the fall.

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