A HOOTERS Manifesto

By Amy Sondova Recently my friends and I were having an online discussion about HOOTERS. Online conversations are funny because often in a chat room even the closest of friends can be misunderstood. Often, there are several conversations on the same subject going on at the same time, and perhaps a few side conversations on a completely unrelated topic. I wonder how we communicate at all. But it all seems to work out in the end and our friendships are no worse for the wear. In fact, because we all live in various parts of the country, talking online is the easiest way we can all talk together–even if we’re all having different conversations.

The recent HOOTERS conversation revolved around controversy surrounding the new restaurant opening in Troy, MI. Apparently the townsfolk are not too pleased about having such a classy establishment in their town. Part of the discussion focused on whether or not the people had a right to say what types of businesses they should have in their town. Was it discrimination not to allow HOOTERS to set up camp? Wouldn’t the free market decide the success of HOOTERS? If people showed up and the latest HOOTERS was successful, wouldn’t that prove that the people of Troy and its surrounding areas really did want a HOOTERS after all? Why should the most vocal decide what is best for everyone else? This discussion has interesting merits on both sides, but really isn’t the point of this post.

After having a particularly trying night, as soon as I heard the word HOOTERS, I was off and typing. HOOTERS is a disgusting establishment that objectifies women I typed. Why would any respectable man even want to be served chicken wings by a big chested, skimpy clad woman? Of course, a lot of men, even respectable ones, would want to be served their meals just like that. Sure, HOOTERS can exist and men and women alike can go there for its “good food” or “big boobs” or whatever. My point is this–why would a Christian man want to go to a place like this?

In my mind, I was referencing other conversations I’ve had with male friends in church and male friends in youth ministry who think eating at HOOTERS is perfectly fine. The wings are good they argue and well, yeah, the women are dressed a little provocatively but restaurants have a dress code. WHAT?!??! Do they really think I’m buying THAT?!?!

First of all, I’m sure there are many other fine restaurants that serve good food. HOOTERS isn’t the only place in town. Second, short shorts and a shirt that looks as though it is painted on is not the normal restaurant dress code. Plus, the place is, in fact, called HOOTERS. Do they really think they’re fooling anyone with that little owl on the logo? Other potential names for HOOTERS could have been KNOCKERS, CLUNKERS, BIG BREASTS, or BOOBS. I guess HOOTERS just sounded best. Look, I know men tend to be obsessed with women’s breasts, but really they are two lumps of celluloid that can be used to nurture a child. They’re beautiful life-giving devices, not your personal play things. Then again, feel free to explore the beauty that is woman in the context of marriage, not gape at it when you’re sitting in your local HOOTERS. But you’re just there for the “good food”, right? Apparently, HOOTERS also serves up some good eye candy.

This brings me to my main point–Christian men should be above this. We all struggle with different areas in our lives. From what I hear about the world of men, a pretty woman turns a guy on. The less clothes a good-looking chick is wearing, the more aroused a man gets. Knowing this about themselves, why would godly men choose to put themselves in a place where temptation runs rampant? Doesn’t the Bible teach us to flee from temptation? In every sermon I’ve ever heard about King David’s affair with Bathsheba it’s been said that David first desired her in his mind. When he saw her bathing, he should have looked away. However, he indulged his fantasy and ended up murdering her husband and losing a child.

Plus, men shouldn’t be looking at women like that. I Timothy 5 : 2 says, “Treat older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity.” Just because it’s natural for a man to look at a beautiful woman lustfully does NOT mean it’s right. Is going to HOOTERS and indulging in a little looking and “harmless” flirtation really treating a younger woman as a sister and with absolute purity? Would you want your little sister serving guys food in skimpy clothes?

We women have a hard time when it comes to how we look. We primp and pluck and blob on make-up. We spend hours staring in the mirror critiquing our appearances. As much as we are told that God is interested in our hearts; the men around us are still interested in our bodies. Those of us who aren’t beauty queens may not interest any men at all, even if we have a good heart. Many Christian women who are blessed with great beauty are uncomfortable when treated as just a pretty object. We want to be treasured, loved, and appreciated for who we are. Those of us who struggle to feel lovely feel worse when HOOTERS girls are elevated. The bottom line is this–many of your sisters in Christ are hurt by how you view women because we don’t like how we look or because we wonder if you look at us the same way as you look at those HOOTERS girls.

Women aren’t completely innocent. We look at men and long for intimacy. Just as I encourage men to talk about and view women respectfully, I try and will continue to work on viewing men as brothers in Christ. Let it be said that it is OK for men to find a woman attractive and comment on it. However, remember to also compliment the qualities of the women around you, not just looks but personality and heart. Help us to become the women God wants us to be and teach us how godly men should be treated.

And, hey, if we go out for some good food…let’s go some place other than HOOTERS.

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  1. I don’t want to offend or anger you in any way, but I do have something to say.

    I’m a Hooters girl, and over time I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that women who think like you do are objectifying the Hooters waitresses just as much as men do. When you say something like “..The bottom line is this–many of your sisters in Christ are hurt by how you view women because we don’t like how we look or because we wonder if you look at us the same way as you look at those HOOTERS girls,” you make it sound as though Hooters girls are not real women who should be loved and cherished. It is as though we are some kind of demon that needs to be avoided, and Christian men should not love us as much as they love anyone. That is just not true. Hooters is a fun restaurant where girls can make a lot of money. Personally, I’m a Christian girl who happens to be pretty and well-endowed, and I know that I can make enough money at Hooters to earn my business degree. I don’t believe anyone has the right to talk down to me or act as though I don’t deserve the same amount of respect and love as any other woman who chooses to hide her body.

  2. Renee, thanks for your comments! 🙂 It’ s nice to hear from someone who actually works at Hooters and get another opinion on the matter.

    Of course, women who are employed by Hooters deserve to be loved and cherished, and no one should talk down to you or disrespect you. But isn’t that exactly what men do when they *just* value you because you’re pretty and well-endowed? We all know why men go to Hooters–to goggle at girls like you.

    I am happy that you are beautiful, intelligent, and working towards your business degree. If you choose to work at Hooters, that’s your decision. However, I do have an opinion on Hooters and the men who frequent the place…I hadn’t thought much about the women who work there.

    I am not offended or angered at all, and thank you for your comment!

    Best of luck getting your degree!

  3. Amy,

    I recently applied, and was subsequently hired, at Hooters. Before applying, I researched the company thoroughly, seeking out all the information I could find on the internet, as well as speaking to former and current Hooters servers.

    I think that it is important to mention that the management of Hooters restaurants seems to be made up of great people who genuinely care about the comfort and well-being of the girls who work there. Customers who harass the girls are quickly escorted out in an efficient manner, which is a far cry from how such incidents are handled at my former workplace, a “family-style” diner restaurant in a small, conservative, religious town. You might be surprised to hear how often the men of this town, men who attend church and have families, hit on girls young enough to be their granddaughters, try to grope them, say lewd things, and find themselves unable to draw their eyes from our chests. This is at the family restaurant! If I must cope with that treatment regardless of the restaurant I work at, I would much prefer to work at Hooters, where management actively combats such behavior and I am compensated more for the hassle.

    It’s also crucial to note that for many of the regulars at Hooters, it isn’t all about the appearance of the girls inside. While that may be what draws them in initially, many return to see their favorite servers, so chosen for their personality and conversation. It’s not all about looks for everyone, and to assume so is unfair.

    I agree with Renee on the point that those who think like you do are objectifying and discriminating in your own way. Really, it’s just a waitressing job. Yes, clothing is minimal, but really, it’s more than many junior high students wear to school. The shorts are quite short, but thick nylons ensure that nothing inappropriate will show. The tank tops are very tight and many girls display cleavage, but I see lower every day, every where. I also think that Hooters does a good job of enforcing a simple, natural beauty. While many servers wear a great deal of make up or have implants, you can be sure that no tattoos or exotic piercings will be seen, and really, if you have a young daughter, which is she more likely to want? A boob job or a tattoo?

    I feel as if you are projecting your insecurities, and blaming Hooters Girls for them. While most girls working at Hooters are quite attractive, it is YOU that feels insecure when you compare yourself to them. I would recommend seeking therapy for your self-doubt if Hooters Girls really make you feel that horrible about yourself.

    Bottom line for me, Hooters features pretty girls in skimpy clothing. Some men go for the food, some the conversation, and some the eye candy. Everyone who enters a Hooters, be it to work or be served, is aware of what they are getting themselves in to. Servers are compensated well for the extra bit of ogling, much of which is found in every type of serving position. Any insecurity, negative self-image, or issues with men not treating you with respect lies within you. It is your job to rectify it, not the girls at Hooters.

  4. KH, while I do admit to some insecurities (as noted on my personal blog), that is not why I take issue with scantily clad women. I also do not like women being judged for their bodies or their bountiful bosom. A lot of women try hard not to be objectified, and when you work at a “family restaurant” like Hooters, you are objectifying yourselves.

    Of course, the church men grab at you…that’s what this whole discussion is about. It has less to do with Hooters girls and more to do with Christian men in general. The fact is that Christian guys should be different, and they’re not.

    If you and your friends like being objectified, that’s your choice. However, don’t think that you’re just as insecure about your body as I am about mine. Oh, you ladies can make your choices about where you want to work…I’m not denying you that. I’m just calling Christian men (and ladies) out to make what I feel can be better choices.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Amy,

    Of course many women try hard to to be objectified. I try as well, however, it is going to happen, no matter where you work, what you wear, or how you look.

    As a woman, you should be fully aware that all women, especially those with even a hint of attractiveness, are objectified constantly, regardless of their behavior or dress. I receive sexual harassment from men on a nearly daily basis. Sure, some days I am in my Hooters outfit, fully made up, or perhaps in a mini skirt or a low cut top. However, the same men which harass and objectify me while I am dressed skimpily also harass and objectify me when I am in baggy jeans and an over-sized sweatshirt, wearing no makeup and making no attempt to garner their unfavorable attention. I think that this makes it clear that the objectification of women is not dependent upon the way a woman is dressed or such, but rather upon the men themselves. Saying that a woman is “asking” for it based on her dress is rather like blaming the victim, don’t you think?

    Anyhow, I think that the Hooters Girls are simply realizing that there are many people who are going to objectify you, regardless of your behavior or your dress, and simply choose to take advantage of being objectified by taking generous tips from those doing the objectifying. We are being objectified, just like we always have/will be, but a least we can exploit them a bit, for our own profit, as well.

    I also find it quite telling that the Hooters crowd seems much more respectful than the conservative, small town, religious crowd at my old workplace. I am still not quite sure how to explain that…


  6. OK, enough is enough. I didn’t know that my post about HOOTERS would wind up being as misinterpreted as the facts in the presidential debate.

    Nowhere in my above posts or comments do I attack HOOTERS employees. I said that Hooters demeans women and that the uniforms are scanty, but any other inference is your own, not mine. I am sure that HOOTERS girls are lovely people and am not attacking you personally. Unfortunately, you are trying to make it very, very personal (as evidenced by a couple of scathing blog posts…nice).

    I don’t mind comments and healthy discussion here on Backseat Writer, but remember that this is a faith-based site and as such, we write about how we live our faith. I mean, if you’re not cool with our belief systems, that’s just fine, but understand that we do have a different worldview.

    Personal attacks on blog posts or comments are definitely not helpful.

  7. Thanks Amy. I loved your blog! The point is . . . Women need more self-respect. We know that men are more easily tempted by physical appearance than women are. It’s biological. Since we know this ahead of time, why would we put ourselves in a situation that will only tempt men more?

    We have a responsibility to ourselves, as well as, all women. Respect by men, or anybody else, is earned, and it starts with self-respect, and self-respect is demonstrated by our choices. If we present ourselves as sexual beings, due to our choice of clothing, this is the way we will be treated. Women are much more than eye candy. We are thinking, feeling, nurturing, giving, loving, teaching beings that should be treated as such. Disrespecting ourselves by wearing tight, revealing clothes, only invites disrespect from the opposite sex. It is our responsibility to teach men how to treat us. It is our responsibility as Christians to conduct ourselves in a manner that does not cause someone else (man or woman) to stumble in their Christian faith.

  8. So sad to read all these comments by women that have brainwashed by the media into thinking working at Hooters is acceptable.

    As my Grandma calls it: “it’s a strip joint the whole family can enjoy”

  9. Amy, I agree with you 100%. My husband recently went to Hooters. When I saw the charge on our bank account I asked him about it..he denied ever going. He denied it to the point of almost canceling our credit cards. He insisted that someone must be using our credit card number. After a day of monitoring our bank account and just using common sense. I could see that he was lying. I called him out and he admitted to it.
    My husband was an honest Christian when I married him (at least that’s the face he put on). He obviously thinks it’s wrong too which is why he felt he had to cover it up. Now I don’t know what to do. He’s a liar and oggles at other women. I can’t stay married to someone like this…
    So long story short…Christian men need to make a decision when they get married; they need to choose to love, honor, and respect their wives for the rest of their lives, or they need to do the world a favor and just stay single.

  10. KH is almost 100% correct. However, she didnt touch on although some hooters girls over do the make up and such, Hooters actual dress code for make up is “light and natural.” Midriff is not to show. Etc.

    Which leads me to why it is Hooters and not a strip club. The girls do not walk around naked, a little clothing shows the silhouette and the beauty of a female. In my opinion, it’s more cute sporty girl than sex kitten.

    But I digress. I am a Hooters Girl as well and it is very family oriented if you went in yourself.

  11. When reading this I was surprised to see how judgmental you are. Only GOD can judge me and its the Christians like yourself who deter others from coming to God. I am proud of my body and believe me, my crunches and mile running have proven that. But if Christian men shouldnt go to Hooters. Then they also shouldnt go to the beach, live in California, where its always hot so the dress code, even in schools, is more forgiving, or be out in public in the summer time. Hooters isnt a comfortable place for everyone. That’s obviously understandable. Having a different comfort level than others does not justify judgment. So next time a “good Christian man” wants to go to the beach, please make sure to write a post about how objectifying and bad that is. Even if Hooters changed the uniform, Im sure you would still have something to complain about. Instead of being negative, why dont you go to your local high school or something and teach self esteem classes. Help girls learn the confidence that you’re obviously lacking. Im a proud Christian and I love my God more than anything. Please dont ever think otherwise of me or any other Hooters girl you see. If youre wondering if guys are looking at Hooters girls, then youre probably wondering if hes looking at the Applebees girls or any other place. He can go into the local supermarket and look at other women quite easily. God has a plan for me, and it obviously includes Hooters. I would work on that insecurity before it grows into hate. Because guess where hate leads you at the end of life?

  12. Also, another point you dont point out too much is the blame of men treating women in a certain way. Why isnt this post getting on men about treating women poorly? The idea is well men just automatically think like that so its not really their fault. Its your fault for tempting them. I dont understand why you and women like you dont feel anger towards the men, yet throw out such hurtful insults to the women. Be upset with men too. IF they didnt treat women disrespectfully, anywhere not just Hooters, there would be no problem would there? Start at the source of the problem. If men didnt look at women in such negative tones in the first place, it wouldnt matter how they dress. But if the men dont change, it doesnt matter if the women wear sweat suites on a daily basis because theyll still be thinking the same way. Dont play the blame game.

  13. Hi there,
    Thank you for posting this. I have spoken to a lot of Christian women about this topic but the men seem to go silent and clam up. What do God Fearing Christian men feel about Hooters? Why do they think its okay? I know a lot of people can drop by and post here and if they arent coming from a Bible Following Christian background they dont see the big deal. Im trying to raise my sons to respect women and not see them as objects. So just remember that girls. Since the place is a “Family” place as they put it, there are young boys in there and young girls, children who parents bring in and as Christians I dont get it. Why not eat somewhere else. I mean if there was some restaraunt with male waiters shirtless with tight crotch hugging biker shorts on and we mothers were in there hanging out and taking our daughters and saying its a “family” place? Cmonnnnn

  14. First off, thank you so much for posting this. I agree with you 100%. As for everyone who says that you’re belittling Hooters girls, I saw nothing in your post that would imply that. I mostly saw you pointing your finger at CHRISTIAN men, and saying “why?”. I too have noticed how many Chistian men seem to be okay with this type of establishment. I had a Youth pastor who liked their breasts–I mean wings. He’s since gotten fired for flirting with underage members of his Youth group (I was the only one who wasn’t surprised). I have nothing against non-Christians going to Hooters. They all have their own personal standards. We, as Christians, however are supposed to have higher standards. We are suppposed to respect those around us.

    One woman said that she was treated worse at her previous job (a family restaurant), but is treated better at Hooters. However, I’m sure that that one family establishment that treated her poorly doesn’t represent every restaurant in her town. She could have found a better job elsewhere. I’m sorry to say this, but women who work at Hooters are “asking for it”, I don’t mean that they’re asking to be raped or assaulted. No woman ever wants that. They are asking for men to oggle them, stare at their breasts, and objectify them in general. In fact, they have to sign a contract that says they expect those things to happen. At least, at her previous job, she had a right to be upset if a man made a lewd remark to her. At Hooters, it’s all part of the job. Yes, you may get paid more, but is that how much you think you’re body is worth?

    As for those, “You’re just insecure” comments, I roll my eyes every time I hear that one. So, just because we want men to look at our faces, and not our chest, we must be insecure? Yes, because we all know that women who are confident with who they are walk around with their boobs, and butt hanging out. Personally, I think those women dress that way to get attention from men, which makes them feel more beautiful, which makes them feel more secure. If they’re already secure, then why would they dress that way?

    Oh, and for the record, I don’t think Christian men should go to the beach or a public pool. Yes, you won’t have as much fun, but I have news for you, purity doesn’t come cost-free.

  15. Amy, thanks for having the courage to talk about this issue!

    Some thoughts for Christian men to prayerfully consider on this matter:

    Job 31:1-“I made a covenant with my eyes, how then should I look lustfully at a young woman?”

    James 1:14-16-“But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. Then when lust has conceived it gives birth to sin, and when sin is accomplished it brings forth death. Do not be deceived my beloved Brethren.”

    John 14:23-“Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them and we will come to them and make our home with them. Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own. They belong to the Father who sent me.”

    Matthew 5:28-“But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. ”

    Proverbs 5:18&19-“Let thy fountain be blessed and rejoice in the wife of thy youth. The lovely hind and the graceful gazelle. May her bosom always charm thee. In her love mayest thou delight thyself evermore. But why wilt thou be fascinated with a stranger and embrace the bosom of a foreign woman?”

    Words of Hooters Girl KH, in above discussion-“We are being objectified just like we always have/will be, but at least we can exploit them a bit for our own profit as well.”

  16. Hooters is not a family restaurant. From Hooters’ website, “Hooters does not market itself to families.” Also, “The element of female sex appeal is prevalent in the restaurants.” You can’t agrue with the facts. Any such sexually oriented business is not an appropriate place for a Christian man, let alone any respectable married man. As God has given each of us free will, all we can do stick to our values and hope others will do the same.

  17. As a Christian man, let me say thank you for this. I have until recently been a patron of Hooters and had myself convinced that there was nothing wrong with “just looking”. The Lord through His Word and through some Christian brothers has convinced me otherwise. Christian men are called to look upon women with absolute purity, like you said.

  18. Thank you for this post. My long-term boyfriend, with whom I plan to spend the rest of my life, do not see eye to eye on this subject. I am a very beautiful woman of 36 years and I have two sons that I am trying to instill some values in this horrifically sexualized world. My boyfriend and I frequent car shows and this has been his and his buddies restaurant of choice for years before I came into the picture. There is a show coming up soon and it is their “tradition” to go to Hooters after the car show. This would include taking my teenage son and younger son along. I have been in a Hooters so I do know what I’m talking about. The food was horrible and sent me to the restroom so it was wasted money. I have been cheated on in the past, so I am insecure in that sense, not my looks. How can I get him to understand and respect my feelings on this subject instead of just leaving me at home like he said he would? How can he not understand that not only do I not want him looking at women his daughter’s age half naked, I don’t want my children in this environment? He will not listen to any discussion on the matter as of yet. Do I need to quote scripture to him?

    1. Amber, thank you for your comment. Your situation sounds very frustrating and difficult. I applaud you for wanting to instill values into your children.

      Quoting Scripture at someone who doesn’t want to hear it really helps. I mean, if he honestly doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it and he respects the Bible, then you might want to show him a few verses.

      Other than that, I would sit him down and explain to him how you really feel about the situation, just like you did here. Do it honestly, openly, and maturely. No screaming, yelling, just calmly state your case. (Maybe you already did this!) Hopefully, he’ll see your concerns and make a better decision.

      Does anyone else have any thoughts? (BTW, I’ll be praying for you and your boyfriend, Amber!)

  19. Amber – My first question to you is – Is your boyfriend someday to be husband a Christian? Take it from somebody who is living unequally yoked….it isn’t fun. If he won’t talk about this, or he isn’t a Christian….then you may want to rethink this. And most importantly ask God if this is the relationship he would have you in.

    Amy – Thanks so much for starting this. I have felt drawn to pray against sexual sins for several years. And just yesterday in our Bible Study Hooters was brought up. And I felt like I was the only one there that sees the problems.

    Here is some of my thoughts:

    I truely believe that there is a war the devil has waged on “The Family” in this area. The devil knows if he can tempt. men to lust then he can change the way they view women, how they treat them and ultimately ruin a lot of “families” and/or steal a lot of people from God. God wants families to be together, love each other and grow closer to Him and do His will. But if they are not focused on God then they are less likely to be able to do God’s will. This goes for those he has called to be single too.

    Now I know the devil uses a lot of different things to distract people and ruin families. I also realize that not all are called to the same fight and God uses each of us in many different way. I also believe that all of us our sinners and God convicts us of different sins in our lives at different times.

    And it is true that he (the devil) has succeeded in placing temptations in this area of sin everywhere we look in our “world”. I mean look at Sodom and Gomorrah. After all God created man to be attracted to woman. So it only makes sense that the devil would try to use this against God’s creation.

    I feel that as Christians we should not profit from nor should we support things that the devil uses in this area.

    I also believe that we as Christians are not to do anything that could cause another to stumble. Or do anything that has the appearance of sin.


  20. I consider myself to be an extremely open minded person, but when I first heard of Hooters, I thought it was some establishment with slutty women and horny guys. After actually going in there, I really couldn’t understand what all of the hype was about. The women dress as if it was a hot summer day. The women in the location I have been to are not well endowed and do not prance around like sex objects. They are polite and serve your food to earn tips just as any good waiter/waitress would.

    I’ve seen men, women, and children in there. Most of the men I observed don’t spend their time staring the women down. They eat, talk, drink, and look at the TV. I almost thought someone was staring at me till I realized I was sitting right under the TV.

    Our society objectifies women and Hooters isn’t the problem. To say it is, we need to blame our magazines, television shows, and so on. It is women’s magazines that preach to women about how to look their best, satisfy their men, and so on. Our society is looks driven for everyone, not just for women. Whoever came up with the ideas for Hooters just made a way for more people to profit off of it.

    If I fit the standard, I would be a Hooters girl. Why not make money for your looks if you can? It’s the same thing models do, and some of them wear less clothes than Hooters girls.

    Men are going to look whether they are driving down the street or sitting in a restaurant. Women look at men too. That’s what people do!! Stop whining about it. The only other alternative is poking someone’s eyes out and making them blind…they’ll never look again 🙂

  21. If it is just a restaurant, then why do they have super provocative Hooter’s calenders and Hooter’s magazines that are just like Playboy.

  22. It’s disrespectful, there are many disrespectful things that women are subjected to, and some far worse than their husband or boyfriends visiting a Hooters. Doesn’t make it okay. I’m not a holy roller or bible banger. But I have an issue with the men who frequent places like Hooters on a regular basis. Men go to Hooters for the experience of being served and mildy flirted with, by a young beautiful woman in revealing clothing. Obviously that is their ideal woman. I am not a Hooters girl, and I never have been. This makes me feel inadequate plain and simple. I don’t go to clubs where there are young healthy strong men wearing revealing clothes. I try to make my lover feel important, like he is the love of my life. I expect the same.

    And to the person who said, a man might as well not go to the beach… I disagree. There are more private areas on beaches where people can avoid others who wear skimpy clothing. A beach is an appropriate place to wear a swim suit. A restaurant is not.

  23. I am a Christian guy…I just wanted to chime in…
    Men who go to hooters go there to lust. Its plain and simple. You work at hooters because you like the attention. No woman is naive about how her body is looked at by males when her body is hanging out. Immodesty is a sin and this type of clothing is immodest. The VERY INTENT of the WHOLE RESTAURANT is to entice lustful guys into an environment where immodest women serve them food. They call it hooters but we all know what the “OO” in the name stands for. I do not think this woman has objectified the waiters, the waiters do a fine job of that on their own. It is not “just another job” as one comment said. In saying this, anyone who works there deserves to be loved and treated right. Just the type of men that flock to women who reveal their bodies are not the type to offer respect and fair treatment. As to the Christian guys who go there and Christian women who work at hooters…the truth is not all who say they are saved are. MANY will go to hell who said they was saved. Its in the Bible in Matthew 7:21. Going to the place or working there shows a heart issue. It could mean they are not saved or it could mean a spiritual issue. The truth is we need to pray for those who participate there.

  24. I think a merried man who wants to go to hooters is a man that dont have respect into their merried reletionship.Why would you want to go see something that from another body when you already have one at home,that is why God put you two together,respect that each other feelings,why did you even merry me if you still wants to look-at something else.A meried is not like buying a car,or buying a clothes that when you see a nicer one ,you just have to drive that one or wear that one.Now,i can understand if your not merried,but when you merry a woman and made a promise to God that you will respect and honor that woman,then you want to go to hooters,is there any respect to that?NO!!! A WOMAN who THINKs that it is okey for their husband to go to hooters,i am sorry but i think they just lost that respect for themselve,Merried SHOULD THE SACRED as GOD BLESSES you two to each other.It is a sin to look-at another body that it is not yours.Yeah! you see those naked woman every where,in public, at the beach, at wal-mart ETC. ,but those are not intentionaly to see,and you dont think about it,but when you make a plan to to hooters and not wanting to bring your wife,what is that?

  25. Amy, you have not attacked anyone. Just as you stated in your post above. Being a Christian, you should recognize what is actually happening. When the Holy Spirit awakens the conscience, it brings them into the presence of Christ. It’s not what you said that makes them defensive, rather their relationship with God. The first work of the Holy Spirit is the conviction of sin. That’s God’s judgement, not yours.

  26. my only question to “Christian men” who think that it is ok to visit these types of establishments……..Would you allow your daughter/ wife or sister to work there and serve you and your friends dinner?

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