Grey Holiday: The Outtakes

By Amy Sondova Being on a conference call with Grey Holiday’s Matt Minor and R.T. Bodet is something that everyone should be able to experience. If you’re going to do an interview with a band, you should definitely talk to two band members at the same time to add to the chaos and confusion. To capture the full “Grey Holiday Experience”, here at some outtakes from my interview with Matt and R.T.

Outtake 1: “Stephen was in the cool crowd in elementary school and I was a dork.”—Matt, reflecting on his friendship with Steven. Incidentally, the two have been friends since childhood.
Outtake 2 (random comment): R.T: “Matt and I were both English majors”
Matt: “Yeah, all we know how to do is speak.”
Outtake 3: I remark to the guys that Jason Ingram is taking over the world because Ingram’s been directly and indirectly involved with many of the artists I’ve interviewed lately, to which R.T. responds, “You can’t print the whole Jason Ingram taking over the world thing because that will totally go to his head and we’ll never hear the end of it”
Outtake 4: I tell the band that they need to come play in Pennsylvania to which Matt responds, “We charge about $100,000 a show.”
R.T.: “We have demands also. There needs to be at least one bag of Swedish fish. I would also love some French Onion Sun chips. Those are also my favorite and maybe some Dr. Peppers and I’m good.”
Matt: “Dude, I’m starving now.”R.T.: “Yeah, I’m hungry.” He pauses. “I hope people get the sarcasm here. Italics. Sarcasm.”Matt: “I require a back massage for 30 minutes right before I play. I need a 12 by 18 foot dressing room with a lot of different outfits because I like to do a lot of wardrobe changes during the show. I need really dramatic changes—stuff that’s like black with metal studs and then something that’s a little softer like a teal.”
RT: “I think something with a little turquoise brings out his eyes.”
Outtake 5: I share that many artists mention Carman as one of the first Christian artists that they hear and Matt says, “You know, I had never heard of Carman until I was in college. Our guitarist, Stephen and I were sitting in our apartment and there was a Christian TV station where I went to school. It was like probably 3 AM and there was a Carman video marathon. I saw like 10 Carman videos and I was amazed.”

Outtake 6:
When asked who would win, if the guys in Grey Holiday got into a physical fight, this is what Matt says, “I’m telling you right now that I would take all three of them down at the same time. I think it’s actually happened.”R.T.: “No, that’s impossible because I like to bit and use fingernails. I’m a dirty fighter like that.”Matt: “Are you going on record saying you could beat me?”
R.T.: “I’m scrappy, man!” He pauses and then admits, “Matt would destroy me in a fight.”

Outtake # 7: Apparently, Matt and R.T. are traveling in a vehicle with their other band members and decide to rip on Josh.

RT: “Josh would hit a girl. He’s a drummer. All drummer’s have a few screws loose. Josh talks in full sentences sometimes, but like I said, he’s crazy. He’s got a couple of different personalities like Animal from ‘Sesame Street.’ Sometimes he just like yells crazy stuff.”

Matt: “You know what’s awesome? Only R.T. and I get to talk in this interview so we can totally rip on the other guys.”

Outtake #8: Matt accidentally hangs up on us, leaving the conference call, so R.T says, “Matt totally hung up on us. That is so rude. You should write that in—that Matt was so rude that he hung up in the middle of the interview but your best friend, RT, kept going.” And because R.T.’ said he was my best friend, I had to include it .

Read the full interview “Grey Holiday’s Glorious Revolution” with Matt Minor and R.T. Bodet here.

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