Tornado in Downtown Atlanta

This AP photo shows damage in front of the CNN Center, which is next to the GWCC (conference center) and the Omni Hotel (where many people from NYWC stayed). For the full photo essay, click here.

Having just been to Atlanta in November for the National Youth Workers Convention, I was horrified to see the photos of devastation from the tornado that hit downtown last night (full story).
I was showing the photos to my mom and best friend yelling, “I was just there! That’s the CNN Center…Chris and I were in there looking for socks!” and “The water coming down the stairs is the GWCC–that’s where the convention was!” Picture after picture shows wreckage of places I had walked around, photographed, hung out with friends, or in which I had conducted interviews. It was a chilling reminder of the fragility of life.

Similarly, while the world watched the Twin Towers come tumbling down that fateful day in September 2001, I was like…that’s New York City; I’ve been there…a lot. Hurricane Katrina was horrific, but it hadn’t destroyed a city I loved–I didn’t have the familiarity I did with NYC, or even my recent memories of Atlanta (I’m not particularly fond of ATL, but I had a good time there anyway).

Praying for the people of Atlanta as they recover.

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