“High School: Confidential”, Cappie & Lauren G.

By Amy Sondova It’s all the drama, but none of the personal turmoil–it’s high school relived from freshman to senior year through the lives of 12 girls from Northwest High School in Overland Park, KS. It’s called “High School: Confidential” and the show is a new 8-part documentary airing Monday nights at 10 PM on the WE Network. The girls were filmed from 2002-2006.

Premiering on March 10, the show highlights the adventures of two girls–Lauren and Caprice (“Cappie”) as they navigate the halls of high school.

Lauren is a nice girl from a stable family–mom, dad, and older brother. Her ice-blue eyes are piercing as she speaks excitedly about various events in her life such as being nominated for homecoming queen (twice!), drill team, her boyfriend, and her brain tumor. Yes, I did say brain tumor. Outwardly, Lauren seems like the perfect popular girl, yet she struggles through brain surgery, talks about her secret fears on camera, but comes out OK in the end.

Cappie has an older sister and is raised by her single mom. At first, she harbors a lot of resentment towards her neglectful father, declaring on video her sophomore year, “You’ve just got to harden yourself up.” By Cappie’s junior year, she says that she has accepted what has happened with her family and is ready to make smart decisions regarding her future, which is a relief to views. Cappie spent most of her sophomore year going to parties to drink, hang out with her guy friends, and who knows what else? At the end of the journey, she is accepted at University of Kansas, saying in her final video clip, “You change so much in those four years.”

According to a USA Today article, filmmaker Sharon Liese decided to make this documentary (her first film!) when her daughter entered ninth grade. Four years, five hundred hours of film later, and the lives of 12 girls forever changed by that thing called high school, Liese was able to bright light to real issues such as teen pregnancy, sickness, self-injury, partying, drinking, drugs, and much more. Be sure to catch “High School: Confidential” on WE, and read up on the girls, the show, and more at the WE TV website.

All photographs courtesy of WE TV.

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Catch up with the other girls– Courtney; Jessi; Allyson, Kim, & Sarah; Crystle, Sara N. & Caitlin, and Cate, Beth, & Lauren B.

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