Review: We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real


Album Released 2.18.08
By Amy Sondova Sanctus Real’s fourth album, We Need Each Other, is a voice crying in the wilderness of a society full of disconnectedness and despair. Focusing on the themes of community, unity, family, and wholeness, the songs on the album don’t seek to mend fences. Rather, Sanctus Real is ripping down the fences altogether and clamoring for unity not only among the body of Christ, but in humanity at large.

The album’s opener “Leap of Faith” is a rock anthem, true to the band’s roots, yet the lyrics cut to the heart. Ripping through formalities and clichés, the result is a song that causes listeners to come face to face with their own insecurities and doubts saying, “And you fail in your mind before you ever try.”

Following “Leap of Faith” is the album’s powerful title track, “We Need Each Other”. Drawing on the need for healthy relationships with friends, family, and loved ones, the song’s chorus is haunting with its simple message, “Oh, oh, we need each other…cause we’re not meant to be alone.” In reflecting on the song’s meaning, lead singer Matt Hammitt admits, “Unresolved conflict weighs on my soul.”

Showing lyrical and musical depth, Sanctus Real’s latest also tackles a theme fresh in the headlines—the war in Iraq. Playing off war as a spiritual metaphor, “Lay Down My Guns” tells of a soldier returning home after fighting in Iraq. Not only does the song have heavenly significance, but a very real perspective on the thoughts and feelings going through a soldier’s mind as he or she leaves the war zone. A touching tribute to our military, “Lay Down My Guns” also reminds listeners of a time when they will lay down the guns of this world and head to their heavenly homes.

From learning new instruments to use on the album to giving their vocals a work-out, Sanctus Real delivers a power-packed punch of introspective thoughtfulness, a call to worship, soul-searching ballads, and the rock anthems for which they are known. The music of We Need Each is delightfully infectious and unavoidably soul searching, but the message is simple—we were never meant to live alone.

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