Peepin’ in Spring

4 Mar

Living in the Lehigh Valley is great for many reasons–the mountains, the beauty, the history, and the Just Born Candy Factory (in Bethlehem) which produces various types of confectionery delights–most importantly PEEPS! There are truly some strange (and interesting) things that people have done with Peeps–many of which will be highlighted right here on Atypical Musings.

My own love of peeps developed when I was a wee lass–marshmallow birds covered in sugar. Down one or two of the little birds, and you were on a sugar high for at least a couple of hours. Then when I was in college–Cedar Crest College, a local women’s college–Just Born donated leftover Peeps to our campus for fun Peeps games. You can launch a Peep pretty far in a homemade launcher…

I want to bring the joy of Peeps to all of you, so to start our Peep Journey, check out the official Peeps website, and then check out this hilarious site called Peeps Research, which studies Peep behavior for science and health. It’s hilarious.

For example, since Peeps are born as Siamese quintuplets, the Peep research folks perform a complicated medical procedure involved in separating the chicks. Oh, yeah, there are pictures, including the one below of the gang getting ready for surgery…

Check out the full procedure here and see the results!


No Responses to “Peepin’ in Spring”

  1. Kimmy March 4, 2008 at 2:50 PM #

    Yummm. I can taste them now.

  2. Kimmy March 4, 2008 at 2:50 PM #

    Yummm. I can taste them now.

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