Remix Culture: The Early Years

13 Jan

I’m sure this video has been all over youth ministry, youth culture, and many other blogs that have the word “youth” in them. But, until it showed up on YPulse this week, I had no idea it existed. Put together by the fine folks at the Center for Social Media, Remix Culture showcases the uses of mash-ups, mix-ups, and other fun stuff that media savvy folks are doing. You can watch it below (naturally it ended up on YouTube), or check out the original here.

And according to Recut, Reframe, and Recycle a study done by the Center for Social Media, this type of video production may be legal under the “fair use” doctrine (read study here). Here’s a quote from an excerpt on the report,” So when makers mash up several works—say, The Ten Commandments , Ben-Hur and 10 Things I Hate about You , making Ten Things I Hate about Commandments —they aren’t necessarily stealing. They are quoting in order to make a new commentary on popular culture, and creating a new piece of popular culture.” You can even download a PDF of the full report, see the videos that were studied, and gain more insight on media law than you ever wanted. I think the Center for Social Media is my new favorite website (after my blogs and Youth Ministry Exchange, of course!)

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