The Fiddle Man

I borrowed the above image from David’s website because David said I couldn’t use the pics I took of him because he claims he had pizza all over his face, which he didn’t. I figured he wouldn’t mind because I wrote this highly flattering post about him.

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with a talented musician named David Klinkenberg. OK, we weren’t really “hanging out” as much as getting lost in my Tracker driving around Easton, PA while looking for a place to get some grub and conduct an interview. But, hey, we had a good time; there was a screaming sling shot monkey involved, it’s all good. I was a bit afraid I would somehow damage David while borrowing him from the tour, but I returned him safe and sound. After dropping David back off at the venue, I bought Sarah a Christmas present, then met up with Sarah herself where we ran into SANTA CLAUS outside of Dairy Queen (Of course, I took a picture. I’ll post it tomorrow). Finally, after all that commotion we both headed back to the State Theater in Easton to catch David and the rest of his gang perform.

David (or “Klink” as some people calll him, although I never actually heard anyone call him that) is a fiddle player touring with Jim Brickman (who’s an internationally-renowned pianist according to the program bill), Richie McDonald (he used to be the lead singer of Lonestar) and Anne Cochran (she’s a singer and she really wants to be on “Dancing With the Stars”. If you’re a fan of Anne Cochran, start a petition and hook the lady up!) The show was pretty spectacular with singing and piano playing and fiddling. Plus, Anne Cochran wore some splendid sparkly outfits, dazzling the audience both with her voice and her attire.

Sarah and I found David Klinkenberg to be the real star of the show…and not because he was clearly the best-looking guy on stage or because I interviewed him earlier in the day (although those two factors certainly helped), but because he was the most unique performer I’ve seen in a long time. He took the stage with his fiddle and his body moved with each and every stroke of his bow. It was if he was dancing on-stage with the fiddle, a waltz for two. There was something magical and spiritual about his performance. Unfortunately, David only did one full song solo, but he commanded the stage.

Generally, I interview authors or Christian rockers or youth ministry people and David doesn’t fit into that demographic. Yet interviewing him about worship, music, and random other topics was delightful because not only is he candid and frank, with biting wit, he’s someone who’s actually out there using his talent tremendously for God in a venue that most people in their 20’s/30’s (There is some debate on how old David actually is, since he wouldn’t tell me, but he’s somewhere between 14 and 38) don’t consider a “mission field.” I don’t think that David thinks of himself as a big missionary, just a guy with a fiddle playing for God and the people who happen to be sitting in the audience.

Anyway, you should definitely check out David’s website or his MySpace for more information on his music…or just wait until my article about David Klinkenberg is published on YMX…or do both. Book him at your church for a spring or summer concert–everyone will love him and the teenage girls will think he’s cute. Rock on, Fiddle Man, rock on! (I’m not really sure why I started calling him “The Fiddle Man”, but I did and now I just can’t stop.)

And a big shout out to Elyse from L.A.B. Media who hooked the whole thing up. She definitely deserves a screaming sling shot monkey.

By the way, David is a fan of CHRIS THILE, the guy from Nickel Creek. He says that Thile is the best mandolin player there is, which makes me hope that I’ll get one of Thile’s solo albums for Christmas. David also likes Leeland and Derek Webb, but I think he liked Chris Thile more. 🙂

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