Making Money Broadcasting Jesus

I just saw founder Chris Wyatt being interview by the stunning Shepard Smith on Fox News’ afternoon show, “Studio B“. According to the clip, the website’s had over 4 million unique visitors in the past month, making it the biggest Christian broadcasting outlet in the world.

According to Wyatt, GodTube is a Christian alternative to saying with a laugh, “What would Jesus download?” The goal of the website is to transmit the gospel worldwide at the speed of kbs. When the formation of GodTube was announced, I was aghast. I mean, really, do we need another crappy Christian media alternative? Can’t Christians just upload videos on YouTube like everyone else? Wouldn’t that be a witness as well?

Then again, if Wyatt feels that this is what God called Him to do, who am I to argue with the Almighty? Apparently, it’s a hit and the guy is making tons of money. I mean, if only Youth Ministry Exchange was so fortunate. Wyatt also said that he wants to offer churches chances to stream their Sunday sermons for free, which is pretty darn cool, even if it is on GodTube.

I still think that YouTube is perfectly fine for everyone to use, but if Christian videos are gonna have a little niche on the Internet, I suppose that GodTube’s as good a place as any. It’s just that I relish the idea of working within existing mediums when possible, instead of creating alternatives which divide Christians from the rest of the world. Maybe I should start my own Christian search engine– or or–yeah, these names are pretty lousy.

If anyone actually does this and uses one of my names, I claim creative property rights, which means I should get a cut of the profits…it’s only fair, right? There’s a lot of money to be made with Jesus on the Internet….I mean, gospel spreading.

Just a note:  The Chris Wyatt on my Blogroll is not the  Sorry to disappoint you folks.  My friend, Chris, is much cooler than the  You should check out his blog because he just found out the other day that he and his lovely wife were approved to adopt a beautiful baby boy from Ethiopia.  Rock on!

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